Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

Watch the video and answer the questions / fill in the gaps.

Answer these questions connected to this topic:

1. Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

2. How does it affect your everyday life?

3. One person in the video talks about the weather: does it affect your mood? How?

4. One person says that something small can make you happy. What was the last thing that made your day?

5. “Enjoy the present as opposed to lamenting it” – what did you last complain about?

Watch this TED Talk to learn more about positive thinking:


Teen speaks over 20 languages

Record yourself (video OR voice only) talking about the following questions (related to the video):

1) “I feel like when I speak a foreign language I become a different person.” –  Do you feel like a different person when you speak English (or other languages)?

2) If you speak English well, you sometimes feel like you don’t have to learn new languages.  – Are you motivated to learn new languages? Why (not)?

3) “For Tim, learning languages isn’t  a hobby, it’s his way of life.” – Is this a good thing? Why (not)?

4) Watching TV shows and films is really helpful when you learn a new language. – What were the first films/TV shows that you watched entirely in English?

5) The internet helped Tim become a super-polyglot. – What websites, games, online communities helped you in developing your English skills?

6) Tim was interested in the Middle East and he started learning languages to understand it better. – Do you have an interest like this? What hobby/interest has helped you to be better at English (or other languages)?