Shopping with Pretty woman and reported speech

Use this link-

And here is this transcript   julia-shopping-exercise with key shopping words missing, plus some reported speech questions at the end.

Gist- Is the customer always right? What do you think might happen when the customer goes into the shop? What could go wrong?

Then let them know the context- Pretty woman is the story of a prostitute who meets a rich man, who then wants to make her his girlfriend and gives her loads of dough to go out and buy some fancy garments.

You can play it once and get the students to guess what they’re saying

Then play it for gap fill

Then correct having them read the dialogue between them

Then the reported speech questions as a class, working through them together.

Worked well- oh and about 15 minutes needed at the beginning for a warmer-

  1. guess what I last bought (under 20 questions)
  2. Have you ever queued for more than 15 mins for something? What was the best bargain you have ever purchased…etc.