Teen speaks over 20 languages

Record yourself (video OR voice only) talking about the following questions (related to the video):


1) “I feel like when I speak a foreign language I become a different person.” –  Do you feel like a different person when you speak English (or other languages)?

2) If you speak English well, you sometimes feel like you don’t have to learn new languages.  – Are you motivated to learn new languages? Why (not)?

3) “For Tim, learning languages isn’t  a hobby, it’s his way of life.” – Is this a good thing? Why (not)?

4) Watching TV shows and films is really helpful when you learn a new language. – What were the first films/TV shows that you watched entirely in English?

5) The internet helped Tim become a super-polyglot. – What websites, games, online communities helped you in developing your English skills?

6) Tim was interested in the Middle East and he started learning languages to understand it better. – Do you have an interest like this? What hobby/interest has helped you to be better at English (or other languages)?