the penguin man (present perfect cont.) with task


Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets (past simple, present perfect, present perfect continuous)


One day, Alfred David’s wife ________________ (tell) him that he walked like a penguin. Since then, his identification with the creatures _____________ (become) almost total. For the past twenty-five years he ______________ (walk) around in a penguin suit. People in his home town in Belgium long ago ______________ (accept) this harmless eccentric as part of the scenery.

All this time, he ______________  (collect) penguin objects, and so far he ______________ (accumulate) over two thousand. A few years ago he ______________ (open) thef European Museum of the Penguin.

As far as anyone knows, he ______________ (never go) to Antarctica but this ______________ (not stop) him from making friends among the penguin  population. Since his fascination ______________ (develop) he ______________ (buy) tons of fish to feed his ’friends and family’ in the local zoo. If he looks more and more like one it could be because he ______________ (eat) too much raw fish himself.