New Guest Teacher at Poli

News Flash!

Uighur Intern at Poli

Poli is very lucky. We will have our first intern from Asia. His name is Faruk Ötkür (the name is not typically Chinese, read below for details) and he will be with us for a total of eight weeks, starting Tuesday, January 26, 2010.

Millions of Chinese nationals apply for AIESEC (an international organization for university students)  internships to Hungary every year. Arnold Éva, Herendi Ági and Rob Dawson read application forms for those applying to Poli. The bulk of the work was done by Arnold Éva. The best applicants were interviewed, Éva and Ági interviewed Faruk by phone and he was chosen from a strong field.

During his stay at Poli Faruk will work in the közgáz staff room. He will be working mostly with English teachers, observing, shadowing lessons/teachers as part of is training to become an English teacher. However,  he may also provide extra lessons for students in economics. Faruk has a Ba in chemical engineering already, so ask him for help if you need any in chemistry.

Faruk has many plans for his stay here. Here are just a few:

  • Hold a Ppt and show film(s) on his country and region (hear that Géza?)
  • Teach Chinese and Uighur (Flo, hear that?)
  • Set up a football tournament
  • Organize a play in English (hear that Mr. Black?)

There are prizes for the best language students and for the winner of the football tournament!

A bit of back ground information:
Faruk is from China. He is ethnic Uighur and from the Xingjiang province in north-west China. That is why he does not have a Chinese sounding name. Faruk has a degree in chemical engineering and doing a second Ba in English. He has experience teaching children and has spent time studying in Australia. He loves sports and is good at football. He is also very interested in learning about Hungarian culture and language. So help him out, folks!

9 hozzászólás

2010. január 26. 17:28

Anybody meet Faruk today?

Tőkés Péter
2010. január 26. 19:03

Yes 🙂

2010. január 26. 19:24

😉 méghozzá a te órádon

2010. január 26. 20:41

Nope, i didn’t met him :/

Rob Dawson
2010. január 27. 08:45

So, you had to actually speak English. Good!

Rob Dawson
2010. január 27. 08:46

What are you waiting for?

Go talk to him. make him feel at home.

Rob Dawson
2010. január 27. 08:46

Yeah, but you did not really talk to him, or ask him anything, did you?

Why not? what are you waiting for, Godot?

2010. január 29. 23:31

China!! I’ll come! 😀

2010. február 1. 20:20

Faruk is goodface!

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