International HAIKU competition


Gimnazija Vič, our Slovenian partner school in Ljubljana, has invited Poli to join the annual HAIKU competition. This year four schools are taking part:

Ava Gymnasium, Sweden

Jrvenp Gymnasium, Finland

Gimnazija Vič, Slovenia

Poli, Hungary


Haiku is a three-line, seventeen syllable, Japanese poetic form.


Each line has an exact number of syllables. It is also required to ’suggest’ a single season. It might be directly, by using a word like ’snow’ for winter, or indirectly, by tone, imagery etc. The poems should be written in English.


first line 5 syllables

second line 7 syllables

third line 5 syllables

total: 17


These were written by Slovenian students last year:

’Running away from

equations, in a cosy bed

with Sylvia Plath’

by Grega Ulen


’The sun slowly sets.

Silence all over the park.

A leaf gently falls.’

by Dunja Kristan


‘Smell of fallen leaves.

Soft rain, warm coats, strong black tea.

It’s the best perfume.’

by Lina Berlot


‘snail house

warmth helps me

to forget you’

by Ana Semrov


and a few more examples:

’I drink my tea

and say

Hm hm.’

by Jack Kerouac


’Aft er supper

on crossed paws

Th e cat meditates’

by Jack Kerouac


As you can see, sometimes the rules can be broken… give it a try and write!!! The best haikus will be published in a book.



If you have any questions, contact



Mr Black

or Rob

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