the newest homework

Many steps to follow.

Pull your heads out and do the work finally!

1. go to the twinspace


Submit (add) your *my english story* texts…. (Timi, yours is there, thanks!)

You have written the stories already, or should have. It was a homework weeks ago.

2. Go here bubbl.us you can use this info for the next exercise.

3. Go to this link, you have been put into groups by me because you have been too lazy or stupid (you decide which) to do the homework assignments I have given you in google docs. You have to work on the groups I created and you have to do the work listed next to your group

There are 4 groups, the compositions simply need to be written in the space provided!

TO make sure you understand… Just write your composition there in the table in the google doc, do not worry if the space is too small, it will get bigger as you type (amazing how computers make your life so much easier at times.). If you are making a prezi, either embed it in the table, or, if you cannot do that (no problem) just add the link. Make sure you publish the prezi and make it public, not private.

I think it is embarrassing that I have to tell a group of 10th graders 5 bagillion times to do their homework. If I were in your shoes, I would be ashamed of myself.

It is also embarrassing that YOU agreed to do the work on this project and the French team is waiting and waiting for YOU. Now you are making 1, yourself look bad, 2. Fibbonacci look bad, 3. Poli look bad, 4. Me look bad.

What do I have to do to make you do the work? You have alrady proven that you are unreliable. Do I have to spend all afternoon Tuesday calling your parents at work asking them why you cannot do such simple work? Do I really have to bother Ibolya on her trip because you cannot do simple work?

and just FYI (for your information) Mrblack@poli.hu (AKA Fekete ADam) is being CC-ed (that means carbon copy, in other words a copy of this email) so he knows that I am extremely angry!

Do your homework. I do not care if it is Sunday (actually it pisses me off that I have to spent an hour of my day off dealing with this). This is the 21st century you are all on facebook, you all have access to the google doc. you can all do the work.

There are no excuses!


ps link 4. Fibbo just to make sure you have one more place to read the homework.

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