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2011. június 6. 10:42

I’m soory we didn’t finished.

2011. június 6. 10:38

In 2012 the aliens attacked the eagles, during this war, the world had been destroyed. The only species who could survive,the crabs and the dinosauruses. They joined forces against the ants. Because the ants infected the plants and the nature. So they called the aliens to help. And the aliens came to the world. They destroyed the half of the world. The earth became much different

2011. június 6. 10:37

There was a big stone in the middle of the ocean. On it there was a ring wath everybody searched. The knights fought with sword for it. But a frog ate the ring and went to a castle to hide it in. Then somebody followed it with a magic carpet. The rest of the knight were eaten by a huge eagle. In the castle there was a princess who fell in love with the frog, kissed it. The frog became a prince. Who really quickly get older and older. A new knight turned up to find the ring which was in the old man’s stomach. But a wolf was quicker because it killed the old man before the knight could do it. That ring was a magic ring so instead of the ring there were many jewellery in the wolf’s stomach….In the end an enormous lightning killed everybody.

2011. június 6. 10:37

There is a big stone island in the middle of the ocean. In this island there is a valuable ring, which everybody looking for. Many knights want to get it. Someones fight for it with swards, someones wants to get there (where is the ring) by a carpet, which can fly. But suddenly a frog eats it and hide. It went into a castle, what nobody saw.
Then a huge, enormous eagle turns up and eats all of the knights, who are there. But when the eagle went away an other knight appeared.
While in the castle a princess, who live there, fells in love with the frog. She kissis it and became a princess. But he is ill, he gets older and older in every moment, but much more quicklier than it would be normal.
The only knight, who is alive, went there and wanted to kill the prince, because the ring was in him. But a fast wolf killed him earlier, so the ring was in the wolf.
But the ring was a magical ring, from it begun growing jewellaries and a lot of gold coins. Because it the wolf became very fat and had a stomach ache.
And finally it was begining to rain. It was a storm and a lightning killed everyone…

2011. június 6. 10:36

There was a cold stone, in the middle of the ocean.
On the island, there was a ring. But this ring was more, than a simple ring. It was magical.
A frog ate that ring, and swam to a castle.
Between this, Wizard knights were fighting for the ring, evreryone wanted it.
The frog arrived to the castle, and the knights found it, with their magical carpet.
Unfortunately an eagle ate all the knights, who died. The frog was found by a princess
and she kissed it. The frog turned into a man, but he was getting older and older so fast.
When he was so old, a new knigt started to search the ring, and he found the old man.
The ring didn’t want to be found, so, it called a wolf, to eat the old man. It ate the old
man, and came away. The princess were crying, and the knight didn’t know what to do. At
the end, the ring turned into a lot of gold. The ring tought it would be better, if it go away,
so it called a thounderstruck to go up to the sky.

2011. június 6. 10:33

In a very cloudy, windy and stormy night, there was an ugly princess, her boyfriend had blonde hair and white horse and an eagle.
There was a witch, who had a frog. A very crazy man with horses behind a car hit the witch’s frog.
The wolf and the witch got married, unfortunately the didn’t win the lottery. They got a two rings, and a chinese carpet from józsefvárosi market. They had some money, so they bought a house with garden. They cut the trees and sold it. For the money they can buy a castle.

2011. június 6. 10:31

A beautiful story
In a stormy, windy night, there was a princess, who had a boyfriend, a blond prince in a white horse. They had an eagle.
A witch had a frog, and a horse-car hit it. The which became furious, and went to the forest, to the wolf. The wolf changed into an old man, and married with the witch, and they went to a honeymoon.
The princess, and the prince got married, and they didn’t win the lottery. But they found two rings, and a flying carpet, and they bought a house with a garden. They cut the trees, and flowers with a sward, and the moved to a castle.
The End.

2011. június 6. 10:30

Once upon a time there were a princess and a prince with a white horse. The prince had an eagle and a frog. One day a horsecar (?) hitted the frog. The witch was very angry because of that but before she killed the princess and the prince she hide in the forest. Then the witch’s friend, a wolf came around. They went to a honeymoon and the wolf turned into an old man. The old man gave a ring to the witch. The magic rug is a good thing. They didn’t won the lottery but they had a lot of money which has been found in a flashingtower. And they found a ring too. After that they moved into a house and they cut down the flowers with a „kard”. Then they moved to a beautiful castle and they lived happily ever after.


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