Update Number 5

Update 5

clouds envelop gerze

There came a big cloud and ate the whole city.

İn fact İ am in big trouble now, since I have no idea what to write about this week. If you would look “absolutely uneventful week” up in the dictionary, you’d probably find a picture of me during this week. The fact is I spent this time wondering about life, and the future, well my future to be exact. (I decided I’m going to run a marathon two years from now.) I’m kind of happy about the fact I have time for wondering about things like myself for example, but it’s also giving me a hard time because I can’t concentrate on stuff (anything) for more than 10 seconds. This is the reason why it took me 4 hours to write an email last night. To solve this problem, I’m listening to “6 Hours of The Best Beethoven” (sic!) on YouTube, and though I still don’t know who could be “The Worst Beethoven”, it seems to help! To prove my point, I haven’t stopped writing this in the last 15 minutes! (Okay, maybe I’m not improving as fast as I thought if it took me 15 minutes, but hey, even Rome wasn’t built in a day- or at least that’s what they say.) I literally feel my brain working better, so children, if you’re reading this, here’s some advice from Laura: Listen to Beethoven! This guy knows what he’s doing!

But get back to Gerze now!

In our “weekly cultural session” for a change, we taught folk dances to each other. I taught them a dance called “Ördög útja”, which is basically two steps, but one of the steps could be hard for non-dancers. I was shocked, when they did it perfectly the first time!

As you know, there’s no school this week because of Sacrifice Feast. All I know about our program is we’re going to Sinop tomorrow, to my host’s grandmother, where we probably will stay for 3 days. So I’m excited about what is going!

And after Sacrifice Feast is over, I’m going to learn how to cook Turkish dishes from our mentor teacher! Last but not least, this week’s super useful Turkish sentence is: Yolları durumu nasıl? (What are the conditions on the roads?)

Lukács Laura, Manna

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