Ankara and Angi

Ankara and Angi

The last ten days was just simpley awesome. First we were off to Ankara, with Aslı and Laura for an official EU meeting. İt was obligatory to participate on but it wasn’t as boring as İ tought it would be. The reason –why it was actually good- is the lack of real meetingish things. Obviously, we had to watch some useless and pretty boring presentations on emergency situations, cultural shock and things like that, but other than that we went to sightseeing, had a drink in the evenings and also had some free time.

Of course we wasn’t alone there, there were some guys from France, Italy, Slovakia and Latvia as well. They were really nice. Especially the Italian girls…They were nice in every meaning of this word. The French guys didn’t really speak English so İ couldn’t get to know them better but still we had a great time.

On the first day we went to the Castle of Ankara. İt is one of the highest point of the city so we could saw a gorgeous landscape from up there. After the houses there was a deserted, grey, brown, rock and sand sea. İ felt like İ was down from every map. İn the afternoon we went to see Atatürk’s grave. İt is basically a museum now and you can’t see the real coffin but the building is huge and beautiful, it was worth to go and watch.

The day after we had the whole afternoon free, so we decided to go for a big walk and hanging out with some old student from Gerze who live and study now in Ankara. Than we took our bus and come back Gerze. İt was cool, we had a lot of tee and İ visited a music shop as well.

On Thursday, very early in the morning İ was standing in the middle of Gerze bus station with butterflies in my stomach. A bus was coming, it slowly stopped and a familiar face jumped into my arms. Angi arrived.

İ can’t describe that feeling…Let say it incredible or İ don’t know. Those five days were like if it was our honeymoon trip. We had a great time, went to Sinop, she came to school with me sometimes, saw the concert that İ played for the anniversery of Atatürks death and we had a lots of endless walk by the seashore. İ think İ deserved this week more than ever. İ’m tired and relaxed now in the same time.

Sárdi Ádám,


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Rob Dawson
2013. november 20. 08:58

IT would be nice to see more pictures of Ankara and / or Angi!!!

Can you post some?

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