Impressions about the Traditional and ICT Games Erasmus+ project

What I enjoyed most about visiting Italy was the attitude of people; generally calm all the time. Everything slows down when you are in Italy, you learn to take it easy. The beautiful architecture makes you get lost in history. All the beautiful ruins and ancient buildings takes you back in time, makes you wonder about the previous lives of Italy, most of the time getting a better understanding of the modern people.
The food was of course amazing, the coffee is always good and their gelato cannot be beaten by any ice-cream. The people are generally always very kind and loving.
The beaches are beautiful and warm, shining in different tones of green blue and a hint of yellow.
The Erasmus programme had its highlight when we went sightseeing, placing different munzee-points at various tourist locations. Although it was pretty tiring, I loved walking around the city.

The exchange project was very useful for me. I used my English, and my Italian knowledge too. I really liked it, because I could discovere a  new culture. After the program I got a youthpass, that could be useful if I want to go the university. If I can go next time too, I want to have more programs in the city just with the other students. The tourist programs were not  too much for me. I wanted to use my English more. I really liked this project, and I am very thankful, because I could get to know a lot of people.

We had a great time in Naples. I fell in love with the city and the culture. The games were super exciting we played a lot and i think the Italian friends also enjoyed playing. We were also happy to see their environment, the school they where learning and the places where they usually go. It was a great opportunity to improve our language skills and I think we did improve it. So I’m much obliged for the chance. Thank you,

I’ve never been on an Erasmus+ program before, but I really liked it. I think it was a good opportunity to me and the others too. It was like a family to me. I’m so greatful. Thank you for the dream.

I had an amazing week in Naples. I really enjoyed the programmes,especially visiting Baia and the Solfatara. We also walked a lot in the city, when the Italian students showed us around, and we had a competition, when we had to find the placed munzee points. But we had fun even when we didn’t go anywhere, played lots of games on the beach, and we talked, played card games, bingo every evening and also played some of the best online slot machine games I ever played discover more here. I made some really good friends, whom I still talk to.

It was a great experience to visit Italy. To actually see what I only heard about and could not really imagine what it is like. The amazing southern Italy, with all the beautiful landscapes and the chaotic towns where everything seems to be messed up and still everything has its own place and purpose. Where all the people are loud and always friendly. Where the best dishes in the world are made. Not to mention the enormous amount of cultural places and sights that I could visit. It was fascinating.
The best of all was that it was very well organized, so we could learn a lot about this culture, this society and this country. It was an unforgettable one week of my life.

We could learn a lot of new words in Italian and English. We got some new friends and we learned treat the new situation. We ate lot of delicious food in Italy. We saw many beautiful building and scenery.

I made many new friends and it was very good feeling that I saw my Italian friends again, even there were lots of students who didn’t participate in the program because they are over eighteen and they had graduated.
We had lots of program where we knew each other.
The best experience for me was, when we went to Pozzuoli. I really liked this town because it has special sentiment, with little streets and beach.
We were on Naples we used Munzee. I really preferred this application because I could know the town better. We went in a little mixed group, I was with 3 Hungarian and 4 Italian. They were so nice. They showed us lots of little streets with street markets where were many traditional Italian stuff. They bought us some cakes which is traditionally.
We could choose where we wanted to go with the Italians, for example some from us went to the beach, some people went to Pozzuoli and some people went to Naples. I choose the last option with some of my Hungarian friends.
While we were sightseeing we met the old Italian who were in Budapest. It was very good experience we were talked a lot and they showed us that places what we hadn’t seen before we were in Naples.

I feel this week in Italy helped me a  lot in my confidence in speaking. First
days were really though process because of the big changes, but the
learning was easier with familier, nice faces. I’ve learned so much
traditional games and Italian word in here . Before Erasmus weeks I was
really self-concious when somebody asked me for help in English but now
I am totally confident in conversations. I am grateful for this
opportunity because- in my opinion- learn to speak is only possible
abroad and not in a classroom.
The Erasmus program helped me a lot in my future career mostly because my goal in life to learn as many languages as I can and to be a cultural diplomat and travel all around the world, learn about new cultures and languages and improve my relationship building skills. Every time when I was in the project I felt myself closer and closer to my dreamjob what  is approximately about this. It can be said the Erasmus is like an internship for diplomacy. 
I am grateful for the chance.

The trip was amazing because I got to know many new people and I made new friends.
I enjoyed the sightseeing in Napoli when we used the Munzee app. the city was beautiful and I liked the food as well.

It was a great week, with quality time spent. We did a various lot of things, mostly traditional games and sightseeing, and it was amazing.
 We got to meet a lot of great people, get the youth pass for the future, and visit a country some of us may not have been able to go to by ourselves. It really was great.

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