Erasmus+ NEW PROJECT!!!!

We are proud to announce that Poli has been awarded a new Erasmus+ project. This project will last from Sept 1, 2017 to Dec. 31, 2019.


The title is From Community Service to EVS and that is the topic. We talk with our partners about how they carry out volunteer work in their schools and/or communities. At each international meeting we will participate in volunteering/community services with our hosts.


Our partners are high schools from Belgium, Portugal, Spain and Turkey. The first international meeting will be at Poli in October/November, 2017.


We are looking for Poli students from grade 9ny (AL, CH, RH) who are interested in working with us and students from partner countries for the entire duration of the project.  Currently there are plans for international trips to Belgium, Portugal and Spain for students. Only teachers will travel to Turkey.


Are you interested? Of course you are! Come to our info session on September 7 following osztalyido in A01! FYI, the lingua Franca is English! You must be willing  and able to communicate in English.


To apply for the project keep your eyes open. We will post the ink to the application form. The deadline to apply is midnight, September 14!


See you all at the info session,

Barbi, Hajna, Rob

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