Don’t be Afraid of Being Different

I really enjoyed this project. For me, it was a topic that I never heard about, but now, after it I think it is quite interresting. The project was also very much fun with the 3 nations, that we were working in a good atmosphere with each other. The programs where also interresting, the organizers did a incredibly good job whit the project. I also liked that everyone was kind, helpful and positive. We did a lot of things, for example we created our new subculture, a few of us have gived presentations of they own subculture, wich was very interresting. But what I really liked it was the moovie making day, when we spend the whole day with making our small films.
Nor at least, this was my first intertational project with Poli and it was great.

Duynstee Dániel


“Don’t be Afraid of Being Different”

This was my first Erasmus program but I really enjoyed it. The name of the Erasmus was, “Don’t be Afraid of Being Different”. We were in Estonia, close to a small village. We slept in wood houses. The food was always traditional Estonian food, and I liked it. The weather was rainy, but not so cold. We were in few cities too, like Tallinn, Helsinki, and in Tartu too.  In this program,


we were from 3 countries, from Netherland, from Estonia, and from Hungray of course. The peaple were very frendly. I am very happy, beacause I made new friendships with the Dutch peaple. I liked the grouptasks too. I learnd lot of things about subcultures and tolerance. For me it was a great experience and my English is also better. I hope, I will go in the future to a another erasmus program.

Mohácsi Marcell


I was lucky enough to get a chance to go on an Erasmus+ project and spend 10 days on the beautiful countryside of Estonia. The topic was subcultures, and if I am being honest I didn’t even know what that word meant before I applied for this trip. But in these few days we talked about it and looked at it from every angle possible so at the end we didn’t just know what this word meant, we’ve also gotten a deeper understanding of it. One of my favorite parts of the project was when we listened to people’s presentations about their own subcultures, because this when I realized that there so many different and unique groups of people. But I also liked that day when we had to shoot our own movies about subcultures because it was interesting to work with different people and to come up with something creative together. I would love to take part in a project like this in the future, because not only was it a lot of fun, I’ve also learned and experienced a lot of new things.

Végh Veronika


My report about #dbabd project

This project was a great experience for me. I met nice new people from different countries, I got new friends from abroad and from my school as well. I could hear very interesting stories about the participant countries, and I got to know their own culture witch was very interesting. I think the best thing about this trip was that my English skill improved a lot, and I could practise the real, live conversations with people from my age, and I really enjoyed that. Of course the main topic of this project was extremly interesting as well, it was nice to know other subcultures from other poeple, from other countries. The sightseeing part of the trip was great as well, I really enjoyed seeing new cities, with new people. Finially the place where we were staying during the project was awesome, especially the nature, the trees. The sauna and the fireplace was great and moody as well. Basicly I really enjoyed this trip, it was one of the best experience of my life, I’m very thankful that I could join this project!

Péter Gács

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