Nazaré Trip 2018 | Winkler Ákos

 Like being told what activities do I have to do, or the fear of having literally no free time for five days straight. When we arrived at Cercina, I felt relieved. The flight was absolutely fantastic. I have never used any mid-class airlines like Lufthansa. It was a bit strange to sit next to strangers, but it was fine. So back to Nazaré… When we first went to the ocean it was absolutely lunatic. I have never been to the ocean, and I taught it has nothing special about it, but when I got there, I felt in a very special and complex way. Spending time with mentally ill people was fine, as usual. I was scared of feeling sorry for them too much, but we quickly found the common grounds. Then it was easy communicating with them. In this trip I have acquired some skills in being more and more sensitive to mentally ill people, I got better at communicating in English and of course, I got a lot of new friends from other countries like Cyprus, Portugal, Turkey and even from Italy. This week was the best week of this whole year for me. Or even it was my biggest and best experience from any forgein country.

I hope that I will get some more opportunity to participate in other projects like this.
Thanks for this whole experience.

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