A budapesti találkozóról diákszemmel

It was really exciting for us to organise this program, we worked with it until the last day.

At the beginning of the week we had some games to get to know each other and then we were listening to presentations about the countries taking part in this project and about how they care for and help people who have to live with disabilities.

Probably, the most important day of the project was Saturday when the Hungarian students worked and played all day with their Erasmus students and a child with disabilities. This program was really interesting for me, because I think I learned a lot about people and about myself.

Another great program was when we went to a Hungarian exhibition, the Invisible Exhibition. It showed us how blind people live, how difficult for them it is to enjoy their lives day by day.

During the program we worked on a board game about disabilities. Before the program we made up the game rules and then together with the students from abroad we figured out the questions for the game. We had an afternoon, when we played the game, which was an enjoyable game and students can learn a lot from it.

Besides these programs we had sightseeing, games, events for the students where we had a lot of fun together. In the end students became friends and got to know each other well, had fun and learned much.

Zsirai Dorottya, Chill


The program arrived faster than I thought it would. We had meetings and we really prepared for it but actually I did not realize that it’s time and they are coming. 

Being a host is not easy at all. I have never been in an Erasmus before so I was nervous. When we were waiting at the airport for them I got so many questions in my head. Luckily it turned out that I should not had worried about anything. My guest was so nice and we became friends in pretty short time.

My favourite day was Tuesday. We went to the „Nem adom fel” café house and finally played with the board game which was created by us. We worked with it so much but it was a big success so it was definitely worth it.

All in all I am glad that I am in this program. I made a lot of friends from different countries. It was good to get to know these people and I really miss them. I hope that I can see them again.

Jeles Virág, MASZK


The first day I met with my guest. She was a Romanian girl. After that we went to the school, the guests went to the city to some sightseeing stuff. The Hungarian team made the last things in our school. We had a lot of workshops and programs. Everyday we had some ice-breaking games at the beginning and the end of the day. We organized a treasure hunt, this was I think a really funny way to show the city for the guests. Maybe the best part, for ME the favourite part when we had the Kapcsolda. On that day we had a kid who has disabilities and our guest and we had programmes. We had creative, sport and playing programmes. The hardest part that day was the language. With my kid I had to talk in Hungarian but with my guest in English. It was really funny. It was good to see how my guest tried to help with the kid who has Down-syndrom when they don’t speak the same language. I had a really good time. I made a lot of new friends and memories.

Kozár Zsófia, Zserbó


Being a host is never as easy as it first seems to be. As soon as we’ve got all the ideas we need, everything has to be made ready. Working in groups makes the whole process easier, but at the same time it’s complicated to stay synchronised with others.

As May came, we were far not finished with the preparations, even when our quests arrived we were working hard finishing the following day’s program.

The first day was fun – as we met each other through funny games. The best of these was cooking with Rob, we made a delicious meal for dinner, so we had a nice time eating together. Me and András even baked a cake for our guests who had birthdays here – they were really grateful.

Our main day was Saturday when we had Kapcsolda, the event that the Budapest meeting was all about – different kinds of disabilities. Us and our quests had an amazing time with the kids who participated in Kapcsolda. That night we attended the Eurovision Song Contest together on the boat A38 on the Danube bank.

Sunday was a rest day after we discussed our experiences about the last day’s program. Personally, me and Robi were hanging out with the Portuguese team around Hősök tere and Városliget.

On Monday we had an all day sightseeing program, like a treasure hunt which was not like I thought it should be, so I was a bit mad about it. Then we attended the Invisible Exhibition where we could experience what it is like to be blind.

The last day started with a great amount of rain – we met at the Café “Nem adom fel” near the school where we were playing with our handmade board game, it surely was a success. In the afternoon we had a boat tour on the Danube.

In the meantime we had a lot of sightseeing, partying and lots of fun together that we cannot express with words. I’m really thankful to this program as I could get to know these amazing people. Hope to see you soon!

Szota Martin, MASZK

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