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Your Rights are My Rights- Erasmus+
Budapest edition

Taking part in the Your Rights are My Rights- Erasmus+ project is already a wonderful opportunity, but hosting a meeting is a truly unique experience. It all started in March with the brainstorming and preparations for the Budapest meeting and ended on May 17th, after the departure of the last delegation. The students of Közgazdasági Politechnikum were all enthusiastic and full of ideas and they have proven themselves capable of excellent teamwork. The hosting team approached the human rights topic from a special angle: the disability.
Creating a board game was one of the main activities throughout these five days, but the guests and the hosts also had the occasion to experience what it is like to live with a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities. By visiting the Invisible Exhibition and participationg in Poli’s annual event, Kapcsolda (a special sensitizing programme built around a topic for physically and/or mentally disabled children from a special education school: sport activities, arts and crafts, drama and plays, tales) we aimed to bring the world of the disabled and the non-disabled closer to each other and teach through positive experiences how we can help them, even understand them.
Leisure activities consisted of sightseeing tours, treasure hunt game in the city of Budapest, boat trip on the Danube, visiting monuments, walking on Margaret Island, making and eating pizza together, playing sports and celebrating the birthday of Nicolas and Vincenza.
The next meeting will be held in Saint-Avold, France on 4th-10th November and it is built around the topic of gender equality. The Hungarian team is looking forward to have a fantastic experience.

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