Perenyei-Gerecs Blanka: My ten day in Italy

We departed on the morning on November 4. from Budapest. I was full of excitement and I couldn’t wait to start our journey to Italy and meet with the other participants of this project.

When we arrived to Rome it rained. Although it didn’t take away our enthusiasm, in fact, it added to it. Our time in Rome (while waiting for the transport change) was great. We got caught in a traffic jam with our bus, so when we finally arrived to our destination we were really exhausted and drenched in water. Afterwards we fell asleep fast that night while we talked about the following day.

On Monday we had a lighter day to get to know each other and to be familiar with the schedule of the project. We played lot of energizers and games between the briefings so we wouldn’t get sleepy or distracted easily. In the afternoon we even made some pictures to get the feeling: We are starting! 

            On Tuesday our mentors teached us how we are supposed to make pictures considering our environment and the camera we are working with. After lunch we were assigned in groups and given the task to tell a story with five shots. We had to choose posts and acting according to them. They gave us a little extra work as well. The directors eyes were covered so he was not able see the pictures we already took. It was our first task

and it was amazing.

            In the next few days we always worked in groups. At some point I got really lost between the groups. Everyone had three different groups, if not more. I had no idea which one I was supposed to be in  at the moment so I visited three groups out of five. Naturally it was the third one. 

            My favourite task was the film scene recreating. I was arranged in a group with some of the people I got  close. The shooting went smoothly and the film scene we had to make was from the Pulp Fiction. We had a great time making the video. It came out as our best this far.We even compared the videos with the other teams.

            We spent one day in Napoli and worked together with a man in on interactive curse about communication. We had to communicate without words or only with touches and movements. It had a big self reflection benefit. I think it helped to understand each other and ourself even if  just a little bit.

Our last goal was to make a performance to children in a bookstore about communication. It was a tough task, since no one speaked in italian from as and the children didn’t talk in other languages. We got two days to prepare for it. It was plenty for as. We finished our preparations fast so we got a day off. That’s why we decided to visit Sorrento.
            We heard a lot about it from the locals. Everyone advised it. We took the train in the morning after a quick breakfast. It took two and a half hour to get there. The town was beautiful. Light colours and plants everywhere. We even walked down to the harbor where the scenery was indescribable. We had coffee there. After that we walked on the outlying streets. Our day just flied by. We arrived back at the hotel before six.

After the dinner we saw the other teams  still working so we decided to help out where we can.

The final day came and we were travelling in to the city centre. The children loved our performances, it felt really good. It was worth to make them.

We had a celebration back at the hotel. We were tired after this project, not to mention this was our ninth day here. We got close to each other and saying goodbye was hard for everyone. Lot of us cried that night. Although it would have been a waste so we tried our best to smile until the final goodbye.

            It happened so sudden. For me it took some time to realise we travelled to Italy and when I got used to the thought we had to depart. I will remember this Erasmus project, it was amazing.

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