ComServ in Barcelona

The most recent projecting in the ComServ calendar was held in Barcelona at the Escoles Garbi in Esplugues January 14-18, 2019. Honestly speaking this was one of the best project meetings we have ever been to. Of course, like at all the project meetings we were shown the school, met teachers, visited lessons, talked with students etc. We learned about the local Good Practices, visited the NGOs they work with etc. But most importantly there was a natural ebb and flow, or curve to the entire week. The order of events was such that it showed the importance of the work being done by volunteers in a way that was natural. A rather present surprise was several students mentioning the pre meeting tasks in our eTw project as being fun and useful!


In addition to the above it goes without saying that the participating students enjoyed themselves and learned far more than they had ever expected to about the local GPs.

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