#BikeSkiHealth in Norway

During February 15 Poli students and 2 teachers visited our partners in Overhalla, Norway for the second half of the #BikeSkiHealth Erasmus+ Youth Exchange.


It was a highly educational and useful 9 days. It was the first time we had ever spent 8 days sleeping in a school! The entire group, the 17 Hungarians and 17 Norwegians slept there. This was fascinating as there was no school that week and we had the run of the place. They have a swimming pool and sauna, though we did not use these. The library is modern, bright, friendly, inviting and also functions as the village, public library; how cool is that? Anybody can walk in and check out books, for free!!!! Way to keep the people educated!


The programs were all about cold, snow, winter, ice. How to survive in the cold, alpine environment workshop run by teenage volunteers from the Norwegian Red Cross! Ice sculpting using river ice, snowman building competitions, a day high up in the mountains, cross-country skiing. This was a first for nearly all the Hungarians. It was also almost a kind of pay back for the Norwegians. They moved with ease and grace through the snow while we slipped, plodded and crashed up and down the mountain. We also slept in lavus one night, great experience for the Hungarians to have to get up every hour or two to stoke the fire! Howling wolves, northern lights, frozen lakes, skiing UP and down a mountain, carving ice, amazing times!!!


The overall structure of the entire exchange was flawless.  It was very educational for us team leaders to see how Norwegian youth workes handle such events. We are eternally grateful for the oppurtunity to visit Overhalla and work with Bjornar and Beatte, we learned more than words can say.

For the students reports click here!


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