EVALUATIONS: Volunteerings Without Borders

We spent 9 days in Slovenia, with an Erasmus+ youth exchange. The topic was Volunteering Without Borders. Six countries participated in this project, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia and of course Hungary. 
This projects was about volunteering, so we had a lot of presentations about it. Like what we can do as a volunteer or what kind of work we can do, or also where to apply as a volunteer. Also each country had to make a presentation about their country’s volunteer projects.
We did some volunteer work, like we went to a community building and painted the house, we planted trees, and one of my favorites was when we visited an elderly home. We spent half a day there, divided into two groups, one of the groups went out and had a walk and the other group were doing some art work, and as volunteers had to help them.
It was amazing how thankful elderly people were for it. It was such an honor to see how happily they live.
In these 9 days I learned a lot, not only about other people but also about myself. I learned how to be more patient and how to listen to somebody. And if you apply for an Erasmus+ project, you can see how that project changes your life.
Now I can say, this project was one of the best things that has happened to me! I will never forget these 9 days.
Barta Júlia
Our 9 day youth exchange in Murska Sobota, Slovenia, at first seemed like a challenge – several days, foreign people, a program full of activities.
However, something very special came out of it, an immense connection between people. My students learned a lot about dealing with people from different cultures with different abilities. They also learned a lot about how to make an impact on their local communities and the importance and joy this kind of work brings. Personally, I was amazed at the energy and effective planning of different, dynamic individuals. I was really touched by the positive personalities and the team building workshops, and I met people from Estonia, Lithuania, Croatia and Slovenia that welcomed future collaboration and initiation of new Erasmus + projects. We realized we had the freedom and energy to create anything and that new ideas were welcomed and realized. I’m looking forward to leading more projects with the school in the future!
Xaris Miller, Team leader
This wasn’t my first time in a youth exchange, although it was in Slovenia, so even if it’s one of our neighbour countries, I was still very excited to be there. As for the topic, I really like volunteering because you meet new people, who always grant you some other view of the world. With an Erasmus+ project this is the best mixture, I thought. And it really was. For me, the most shocking part was that I didn’t just meet with a few new people, I actually felt some connection that they are like me, well of course not exactly, we had our differences, but the main point is, we were different nations locked in with one another and I found out that we still had really similar opinions and thoughts. I hadn’t thought that we would be so similar, it was just an amazing thing to witness, we were into the same music, tv series, etc. or had the very same jokes in our own language.
Baranyi Ádám, participant
This was my second Erasmus+ project, and it’s definitely in the top 3 for me. I didn’t expect too much about the project, but I was wrong in an incredibly positive way. I met amazing people from 5 amazing countries. I have made loads of friends, and the age was not a gap at all. I’ve learnt so much about the other countries and their lives, and I’ve got a lot of awesome experience in volunteering. I got to realize that helping people without actually getting anything back can be really interesting and joyful. Slovenia is an exclusive place with plenty of amazing and interesting places to visit, so it was a truly exclusive location, even if it’s very close to Hungary. These days were honestly some of my best few days in my life so far, and I definitely want to go back there one day, and I would really like to meet up with my new international friends again!
Simon, from Hungary!
This project was really enjoyable and fun. We volunteered a lot. I learned a lot about other different nationality people they have other habits. At first I thought the big age difference would be strange and I wouldn’t be able to speak with them like friends just like a child and an adult who want to teach me. But it wasn’t that we could speak a lot and the age calculated nothing. My English language improved a lot because i had to spoke a lot in English it wasn’t that hard how i thought. It went well. In the first few days we played together some name game and we could know more each other. We spent a half day with an elderly men and women. We walked with them they were kind and friendy with us. We danced sang and spoke with them. There was another Hungarian man who spoke with me in Hungarian language he told me his hole life story. It was really interesting. It was hard to understood him because he spoke to me the old Hungarian language. When i came back home i felt alone myself and i wanted to go back and met with those guys again. I loved every minutes this project this was very good.
Hanga Lauko
As this was my first Erasmus program, I was really excited before we arrived to Slovenia. It turned out I had nothing to be afraid of! What is more, this one and a half week was one of the greatest experiences of my life! We painted walls, had a lovely day with the elderly people, got to know the other nationalities and so much more! I didn’t know volunteering could feel so good and with the workshops held during the program I learnt a lot about this topic. Everyone should try it at least once, I highly recommend it!
Virág Orosz

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