B.E.S.T Project in Derry

B.E.S.T Project in Derry


It took a few years to make this project happen, so we were absolutely excited to start it. Taking part in the biggest Halloween festival with local people was unforgettable for every one of us.

All the members at REACH Across turned out to be the most welcoming people ever. The participants got on very well, made good friends and cannot wait to see each other in Budapest next spring.

We realized there is so much to learn from Derry people-the way they are trying to bridge the gap between different communities, how they are helping people who have problems in the long term is amazing. Preserving mental health and devoting time to do voluntary work is a central part of the lives of most local people.

We took part in a few very well structured and thought-provoking workshops-e.g. about European awareness and giving first aid. We learnt a lot about the history of a city, which is in a ‘matchbox’ situation at the moment because of Brexit-as one of the Irish group leaders put it. We experienced it in lots of different ways how important the responsibility of young people in shaping their future is these days.  I am grateful for having been able to take part in literally the B.E.S.T Youth exchange in my life.

                                                                                                                                                               Edina Szakács

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