2 Classes + Volunteers + Erasmus+ = Dissemination

December 7, 2019 was EU day at Poli. Part and parcel of this annual even is or Erasmus+ project leaders to present their projects to students. ComServ did it with a twist. Rather than us leaders talking about the project volunteers (that is, project participants) opted to spend 2 hours on this Saturday talking to seventh graders about the value of community service and  of course, about what Erasmus+ projects are like.

Why to seventh graders? They are new comers to our school, have very little experience in community service and know net to nothing about Erasmus+. By the end of the sessions, the entire year was up to par on what Erasmus+ is and are looking forward to joining projects in the future. In addition to this, the peer-to-peer, non-formal education brought home the importance, and necessity of community service.

Four volunteers focused specifically on environmental  protection. They created a game where the participants had to pick out various pieces of “rubbish” and decide which bin it would go to of our selective bins. Then, they had to through the item into the correct bin from the through line… more or less darts with liter. Fun and laughs abounded as they yaried to figure out which packaging materials would go where and then try to hit the bullseye. By the end of the event they all new which was which and that best and most important element is to decrease the use of single-use packaging.

Four other volunteers created an obstacle course and blindfolded half the group. Each blindfolded students had a partner who had to guide them through the course. Once section by hand, the other section by voice instructions only. The volunteers also talked about all the community services they experienced in the project, especially the Good Practices of our partners schools dealing with caring for the elderly and those with disadvantages.

Session two had the groups switch rooms and do what their peers had done in the first session. Hats off to our volunteers for developing a way to get the entire year into two separate topics and teaching them the importance of community service/volunteering and the joys and glory of Erasmus+

There was also a very popular Q&A on eTw. Got to get the young’ins ready to rock and roll and take the eTw world by storm.



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