2023. 02.12-17 között Morlupóban (Olaszország) került sor a Migration in Ancient Rome Erasmus plus program találkozójára. A Római Birodalom migrációjával foglalkoztunk a Liceo Margherita HACK diákjaival közösen. A Rómától karnyújtásnyira lévő több kisebb településen élő családoknál laktak a polis diákok. Lehetőségük nyílt bevonódni a helybeliek mindennapi életébe, megismerkedni a környékkel és a szokásaikkal. A témát kutatómunkával, valamint több római és környékbeli történő látogatással dolgoztuk fel. Rómában a líceum egyik öregdiákja tartott élménydús idegenvezetést, majd a második közös kirándulásunkra a résztvevő diákok segítségével ismerkedtünk a barokk Rómával. 
A polis diákok és tanáraik:
Bánky Lea, Papp Dóri, Szabó Maja, Maros Rozi, Németh Kíra, Horváth Réka, Szaniszló Ágnes, Mikó Barnabás, Szabó Áron, Zalavári Lőrinc Kenyeres Kristóf, Lippai Szilvia és Szabó Tünde.

Maros Rozália:
„ First, I have to write down that this five-day-long “week” was one of my best experiences ever. I have never been to Italy before, but I knew I would go there in the near future, but this chance couldn’t have gotten into my way in any better timing. I really wanted to escape from Hungary for a while, to see some of the world, to forget school for a little time, the everyday’s monotony and this week was perfect for this. Every problem was gone for these five days. There were no worries, no pressure, no problems, no hurrying, nothing negative energy or vibe. We went to Italy with Szilvi and Tünde, and we were really grateful that they were the teachers who attended us, they were super easy-going and spontaneous. They were really caring about us, listened to us, talked with us a lot. And I also really appreciated that during this Erasmus project our relationship with them was more like partner-partner instead of teacher-student.”

Szabó Áron:
„Our topic was the migration in Ancient Rome and now I see new aspects of this problem in the communities of the Empire. We went to the Colosseum and the Forum Romanum and our guide never forgot to share ’some curiosities’ with us. We visited „all the famous places in Rome” (impossible) and some catacombs in a near town and these were great times. 
But over all, I think I spent this week with discovery of local lifestyle and culture. I learnt a lot about our small town’s history, the travelling in the suburbs, the Italian school system and about food and even more food. These experiences will definitely add positive elements to my personality and will stay with me for a long time.

Szaniszló Ágnes:
During this Erasmus project I discovered so many new foods. I tried for the first time in my life focaccia, black pepper spaghetti, arancini, and cannoli, and now that I am back home, I miss these dishes a lot.  
For me the best part was getting to know new people. One of my best memories is when we went to the lake in the golden hour, and we were just sitting on the beach, and talking. We were there the whole afternoon.

Bánky Lea:
The programs at the school were diverse. I really enjoyed the group work. 
On Tuesday and Thursday, we went to Rome with the whole group, which I really enjoyed. For me, the study and the time for free walking were well balanced. 

Mikó Barnabás:
n the school we were in the library, but we also visited the hosts’ classrooms and talked with their class. On the first day they showed us everything that could be important there. The teachers told us that it is a relatively strong school, which means they have more difficult lessons and exams than the students in Poli. The teachers seemed nice, but I can’t be sure because most of them don’t speak English. Whenever I meet someone from a stronger school, I’m thinking about what is better: a little easier school or a stronger school, what makes you more stressed. Maybe I could learn more in another school, but I wouldn’t be as happy there as here. 

Szabó Maja:
We had to make an educational audio recording of Castel Sant’ Angelo. I think it was very good. It was a great experience. 
We had to make an educational audio recording of Castel Sant’ Angelo. I think it was a great experience. It was a great experience to go to the Colosseum. I’d only seen pictures of it before, but in real it was a bigger flash, it’s a huge building. We had a guide with us who told us a lot about it, for example, I found out that during the fights the spectators used to make graffiti by writing and drawings on their chairs. We saw some of them on the exhibition. I was so sad when we had to leave, I would have stayed. I can’t wait to see them again. 

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