Erasmus+ Youth Exchange – Get Over Obesity – Croatia 2023

Get Over Obesity Erasmus+ Veli Losinj 



Our adventure started on Friday morning, 31 March. We met at 7:30 and our bus left for Zagreb. We chatted with the Croats in Zagreb and caught a bus, after that a ferry to the beautiful Veli Losinj. We stayed in the old but working Hi Hostel and had dinner and lunch each day in a divine restaurant. The first day we got to know the Croatians better and assessed the area. We even had the opportunity to go down to the beach and some of us even took a dip in the ice cold water. The mornings of the next three days were pretty similar. Waking up early, breakfast and off to the Workshops. The Hungarians and Croatians had prepared programmes and workshops on the topic of obesity. We had a great time and learned a lot about the dangers of being overweight, how to give help and even about Croatian culture. The afternoons were free and we spent a lot of time walking, sitting on the beach, exploring and talking. We also went twice to Mali Losinj which is a bigger town within walking distance from the Hostel. There we visited an interesting museum and had time to explore the city. In the last days there were no more workshops in the mornings, instead we took part in more relaxed activities such as filming. We ate delicious food, met new people and had a great time. There were some minor obstacles such as illnesses but with our very cool and put together organiser we managed to overcome everything. I am grateful to have been part of this experience and I thank the organiser and teachers very much. 

 Ránki Rudi Kata

The first day was spent with travelling, everyone was pretty tired by the evening. We arrived at the hostel and it was surprisingly nice, although I was put in a separate room from my two male classmates. At the first four days we participated on different kind of workshops, they were relatively exciting at the beginning, but towards the end we started to get bored. 

After the sessions we had lunch, and for the most part I really enjoyed the food. 

After that we had free time to explore Veli Losinj and its surroundings. On the third day 

we took a dip in the sea which was a great experience. By the middle of the erasmus 

we got to know the Croatians better and spent more and more time together. 

We visited Mali and a 2000 year old statue which was very interesting. The last two days were more about relaxing with lots of free time. All in all it was a very good experience for me,  

I didn’t regret that I applied for this erasmus project. 

Kovács Marcell

Erasmus report

Erasmus started with a long 10-hour journey, we had a stop in Zagreb, where we then got to know the Croatian partners. The time was mostly spent listening to both Croatian and Hungarian music, a few more pee breaks and we were already here. The hostel was very cozy, we share rooms with students of mixed  nationalities (Hungarian and Croatian). On the first day, there was a whole day of getting to know each other where we learned each other’s names and we got to know the Croatians. The workshops started from the second day. In small groups we had to prepare for a 1-hour presentation, which was then presented to the students. In most workshops we had to look up the topics and then present them in some creative way. This went on for the next two days, after that we went to the nearby town called Mali Losinj, where then everyone bought souvenirs for their loved ones. From there, me and a couple of Hungarians went home with a small van that was called a bus, it was quite surprising but also a lot of fun.
The next day we had to make small videos, each having a different topic. Some were focused on the themes of the whole Erasmus project and others on the to the concept of ‘Youth Exchange’. The next day we watched these videos together, and then we went on a small hike to the hill/mountain that is near Veli Losinj. After a lot of walking upwards, we finally reached the top, which was really pretty.
I feel really honored to have been able to participate in a project held at such place with so much free time, and I would recommend it to everyone as it was a really good experience.

Rónai Natasa

Get over obesity erasmus 


At first the place caught me the most, that little island with the clear sea. The way there was very very long, but of course it was worth the wait, already in Zagreb we could meet with the croatians, who immediately brought the vibe until we reached Veli Losinj. On the first day we got to know each other and had some fun together. In the following 4 days we participated in workshops and learned about obesity. We had 4 workshops every day where we had to present our work and these always ended up in laugther. In the afternoons we had a lot of freetime so we had the opportunity to explore this small island, walk ont he beach. One day we walked over to Mali Losinj where we visited a museum about a statue and then we had some freetime as well so we could see this little city too and it was gorgeous. We ate a lot of ice cream and we were able to try some croatian dishes and specialties which was an interesting experience. 

It was a very long week all in all, we walked a lot, learned about obesity more so it was tiring but full of experiences. The island and the sea was wonderful I enjoyed it so much! 

Flick Enid


Get Over Obesity Erasmus+ Veli Lošinj 


 On Friday morning, March 31, we left Népliget to begin our long journey to Veli Lošinj.  After 5 hours we have arrived to Zagreb, where we transferred to a bus with the Croatians. After that we traveled another 5-6 hours to Veli. 

 On the first day, our Erasmus organizer Marko had held an introductory workshop, then we went to the beach, where we even had a swim. 

 We spent the next three days in workshops, during which we have learned a lot about the disadvantages of obesity, the problems it can cause in a person’s life, and how we can help them. 

 On Wednesday, our fourth day, we went to Mali Lošinj, where we spent a whole day.  On Thursday, we made videos and presentations about our Erasmus.  Then we visited Mali again. 

 On Friday, our last full day, we showed the videos we made on Thursday together, after which we spent another beautiful day in the small Croatian town. 

Karajz Blanka


We left in the morning on the 31st day of March. After a 10 hour bus trip we arrived to our destination, Veli Losinj. The sun already started setting when we arrived, but you could still tell that the city we arrived to was a really nice place and it had a really good spirit. The first morning when we woke up the weater was really good, the sun was shining. We started with our workshops early in the morning. The Erasmus assured us with a lot of free time, and we used that to explore the city and go on long walks everyday. Before wwe left Hungary we discussed that no matter what, we want to swim in the sea. We had the opportunity and we took it, so we swam in the sea on the first day. Glad we did because the weather from that day only got worse. The next few days we did our workshops before lunch and after lunch explored the things around us. Our group was really good and we enjoyed spending time together. All together it was a really great week and I am really greatful that I was able to participate in this Youth Exchange. 

H. Zsófi

The road to our destination was quite long, but when I saw where we had arrived to, I thought: it was worth it. For three days, we were participating in various workshops about the causes of obesity and it’s problems, and we also held a workshop to the others about the same topic, but with the data of the countries we were connected with (eg. Hungary, Croatia). During these interesting projects I got lots of new experiences on many topics and I feel like my english has improved quite a bit. During the afternoons, we had lots of free time, during which we met new people, made new friends and also walked along the sea shore. The food was really good, we went to a nice restaurant near our hostel. During my stay in Croatia I had some issues with this or that, but the teachers who were there helped me conquer these smaller problems that occured. Near the end of the trip I was really tired but overall I had a fantastic time during this journey. 

Baksay Boglárka

Report on the Erasmus+ Get Over Obesity programme 


We arrived at the hostel here in Veli Losinj on the evening of 31 March, after a full day of travelling. For the first three days, the daily programme was as follows: breakfast from 7:45am, followed by workshops on the topic at 8:30am. Lunch was around 14:15 each day, and then we had free time until 19:00, when we had dinner. The first day there were 4 Croatian workshops, the second day 4 Hungarian workshops and the third day 2-2 workshops, each one dealing with a different side of the subject of obesity. On the 5th we made a full day excursion to nearby Mali Losinj, where we visited a herb garden and a museum. Afterwards, we were released in Mali Losinj and everyone took their own time to get back to Veli Losinj. On Thursday morning we worked on our “final output”, making videos, giving interviews, etc., and in the afternoon we had free time. On Friday we filled out some paperwork, e.g. Youthpass, wrote goodbye notes to each other and then took a long hike to the top of nearby Mount St. Ivan, where we had a very nice view. 

I really enjoyed these 9 days here in Veli Losinj; the weather was nice, we had surprisingly good food, the activities were good, I met some very nice, funny and cool people. I did a lot of sunbathing, it was fantastic to have so much free time and to have great teachers with us. Every night we had a small talk with the Hungarians, where we always answered different questions and talked about our day.The workshops were interesting, though the more tiring, thankfully, the thought of a full afternoon break that would come afterward helped. 


Horváth Zsombor 

After the long journey, bus, ferry, bus trio we arrived in Veli Losinj, a beautiful little town next to the sea. At t ten days long Get Over Obesity erasmus there was a hungarian and a croatian team. All of us had to prepare a workshop, and, of course, participate in the ones that the others did. We did good, during the teamworks we got to know the topics thoroughly, so now i know everything about the dangers of obesity, it’s complications, it’s causes, and also how can we prevent it. But what’s most important is that we had fun with our new croatian friends, and the hungarian team also got along well. 

We discovered every single place in Veli Losinj during our free time.If not for this erasmus, I probably would never have visited this beautiful town. Although we had some difficulties, and ten days seemed like a long time in a little island, Veli Losinj could always show new things.It was great being away from home for a little, the sea was calming,and i learnt about new people, and compromises. 

The group was really great, and i will remember this little island for a long time. The journey home, with a stop at Zagreb, and the difficulties with the luggage was a nice ending to this trip. 

Bardócz Laci


On 31.03.2023. we got ont he bus and went to Zagreb, After we arrived, (after a quick transfer) we saw the first time our hostel.  

And than we just we realized it, that this adventure is over.  

We were so many interesting workshops. (even we did one) My favourite was: Obesity, related diseases, what we can do about it, how we influence others, social media differences between women and men.  


From there, of course, we only realized (after a small detour) that this lifelong adventure was over. 

Of course, as it usually happens, there were difficulties during the Youth Pass as well. (unfortunately, illness also knocked on a few doors) It was wonderful to see how we solve small problems. 

It’s hard to put into words what we experienced in these few days. 

 Mácsár Lili


On the first day, we met at the bus stop and after a nearly whole-day bus journey (where we also took a ferry), we arrived in Veli Lošinj. I really enjoyed the trip and saw many beautiful landscapes along the way, and the atmosphere was great. After packing, we had dinner at the restaurant, where the food was very delicious, and then we explored a few streets of the town in the evening. The next day, there were introduction games, and we even went swimming in the sea. I particularly enjoyed the Saturday lunch, where they served cordon bleu. The following day, the workshops started, where we heard a lot of new information. In the afternoon, we looked around the town, which was very beautiful. On Monday, the workshops continued, and in the afternoon, we tried out some ice cream at the local ice cream shop. On Tuesday, there were the last workshops, where we also presented and wrapped up the previous topics. In summary, we learned about the dangers, triggers, treatment, and acceptance of obesity in the past few days. On Wednesday, we visited the neighboring town of Mali Lošinj, where we saw a museum that was very well done, and then we had some free time in the town. On Thursday, we made films, processing what we had learned so far, and in the afternoon, we went to Mali Losinj again by bus. On Friday, we mourned together, watched the films from the day before, and went hiking in smaller groups on the mountain. I am incredibly grateful for this experience, I am very glad I had the opportunity to come, I had a great time, learned a lot, and got closer to many new people. I hope to have the opportunity to do something like this again in the future. 

 Kamasz Vince


Get over obesity erasmus Veli Losinj 


Over all I had a really great time in this erasmus. 

We were in a gorgeous place, on top of that, our hostel was in the center, very close to the sea. 

The workshops started on the second day, and lasted until the fourth. There were six croatian and six hungarian workshops. For me the most interesting ones were when we talked about how obesity affects different organs in our body, and also the one when we learnt about different diseases. 

Generally the workshop ended at 1 o’clock, and after that we had free time until dinner, so we could discover the town we were in. 

On day the whole group walked over to Mali Losinj, which is also a beautiful place. There, we visited a museum, in wich ther was the sculpture of Apoksiomen. For me it was really interesting that we coul learn about the story of this sculpture. 

After this, we had a day when we did our last tasks, I wrote the national presentation. 

On the last day we could even write cute goodbye messages to eachother. 

Gyódi Eszter


I was very happy to participate in the student exchange programme on obesity and health in Velí Losinj, Croatia.
During the mornings, we attended very interesting workshops organised by students, which helped us a lot to learn more  about the topic and healthy lifestyle.
As the workshops were organised by students, it was only natural that we had to do one ourselves. This process was  done by first choosing a topic in an excel spreadsheet and  then perfecting our project in groups of three or four.
In the afternoons, the organisers left us free to enjoy the beauty of the island, walk, talk and explore the local culture.
We had lunch in a nearby restaurant and all the food was  delicious.
The whole programme was well organised and provided a great opportunity to meet new friends and learn about different cultures. Overall, I really enjoyed the project and
hope to participate in similar student exchange programmes in the future.

Nonn Barnabás

Erasmus + 

Get Over Obesity 


This was my first Erasmus and I must say that I was positively disappointed. 

We were in a small town in Croatia called Veli Losinj. 

It was a very beautiful and varied place from beautiful beaches to bright alleys and Mediterranean forests. 

The accommodation was a perfect hostel for young people, with a mix of Croatians and Hungarians as roommates. 

This student exchange was about obesity and related topics. 

We worked on this together with Croatians in workshops, where everyone gave a workshop on a given obesity-related topic, for example: social view difference between obese women and men. 

The food was also excellent with breakfast at the accommodation, lunch and dinner at a nearby restaurant serving typical Croatian food. 

There were 4 workshops a day and afterwards we were given free time for excursions and sightseeing. 

In addition to our free time and workshops, there were organised activities such as: a national night where we learned about the culture of the opposite country and a visit to a museum. 

Since we spent most of our time with Croatian students we learned a lot about their culture, the schools they go to and we also learned a few Croatian phrases. 

All in all, I really enjoyed the whole project and I am sure that this will not be my last Erasmus. 

 Szendrey-Sipos Brúnó

The 10-hour journey and the half-hour ferry ride in 40km/h winds were worth the sight of Veli Losinj welcoming us. We arrived in a beautiful little seaside town. 

The first evening we sat in a café in the bay, we started to get to know the Croatians. 

On our first morning the sun was shining, we experienced the real Croatian spring. We spent our mornings together in the hostel’s dining room, then sat out for tea or coffee on the terrace. 

In all sorts of special and interesting workshops, we talked about the dangers of being overweight, the factors that cause it and how support our overweight peers. 

Our favourite place was the balcony of our hostel, which we reached after climbing 36 steps! here we spent hours talking, reading and sleeping in the sun. 

We took many long walks along the beach, both in the evening and in the morning. 

The 9 days we spent here have now become one of my favourite experiences. I will miss the wonderful weather and the wonderful people. 

 Pohly Bora

The team of the Erasmus was Get over Obesity and how to make changes in your life avoiding getting overweight. I think it was especially important to talk more about this issue with Croatians because Croatia and Hungary are both very high on the most obesed countries list. We could improve our English skills while we were participating workshops which were held by the participants. We interacted with each other a lot, we were making posters about the topic, presented short scenes related to obesity and discussing our opinions. We went into details about how society views obese people, what are the gender differences in obesity, what can lead to obesity and how to make changes in your life. We learned a lot about each other’s culture, on the culture night we could taste some traditional foods.The days passed by quickly, we had a lot of fun, interesting conversations and many programs. 

 Baraczka Rézi

Get over obesity- Erasmus 2023 

On our way to Veli Lošinj I didn’t know what to expect from this mysterious journey yet. After a few hours of travelling we arreved to our destination, which later became our home for the next few days. On our first day we played ice breaker games, which started our work with the big team. Our days started with an early breakfast, followed by the workshops that we leaded. We’ve gained a lot of knowligde within these two weeks. At daytime we talked and laughed and most importantly: We got to know a lot of people and this part was beyond fun and interesting. We participated in lots of interactive workshops during which we also had to present what we’d been discussing in small groups. Luckily we had a lot of free time after lunch. Our teachers were in perfect sync with us, and this is the thing that gave us freedom, space and safety. After we got to the end of our workshops we had more free days. We went to the centre of the Island called Mali Lošinj, and after to a lookout. To put the point to the end of our work, we filmed videos and made a presentation about our accomodation and we summarysed the things that we’d learned in that dazzling place. I’m glad that I had signed up to this Erasmus, I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who would like to travel, learn, improve there english, step out of there confortzone and most importantly: have loads of fun. J 

Liebich Linda  

Get over obesity  

We went a long way until we arrived to our destination, Veli Lošinj. Veli Lošinj is on a small island in Croatia, it was a very beautiful place, I already miss being there. The hostel we stayed in was located near the sea, and close to the centre of our small village. Every day we had workshops in the mornings, and we had the afternoons to ourselves. The workshops were very educational yet fun, I learned a lot about obesity.  The workshops were held by us, the students, so they were very relatable and accessible. The afternoons were also very fun, we did everything together. We went on long walks, we visited a bigger village nearby, and one time we even swam in the sea! Altough it was cold, it was worth it. This Erasmus program was an amazing experience and I’ll cherish it forever. 

Kovács Kata


My opinion of the Croatian-Hungarian erasmus.  

   From Budapest to Zagraab and from there all the way to Veli Losinj we travelled with bus. The trip was long, but worth it. Coming home we travelled with bus and train.  

     This was my first erasmus, and I have to say, I was not dissapointed. Every morning we started with the workshops, wich we finished by noon, or latest, lunch. After lunch we had tons of free time (around 5 hours). The 11pm evening bedtime gave us a lot of time and opportunity to look around and discover Veli Losinj, the beach, cafés and such. There were multiple days where we could visit the island’s biggest city (and tourist trap honestly), Mali Losinj – we could get here by bus.  

    I am so very grateful for this opportunity, and for being able to visit such a breathtaking place. For me, one of the most interesting part of this erasmus was getting to know the Croatian culture. This includes the language, habits, rituals, and other facts.  

    The teachers were all very helpful and they tried to make the most out of this program with us. The plan of the program was actually really efficient. I learnt a lot and improved in many levels. Such as – social, langueage, presentin  

 Gulácsi Julia


Getting Over Obesity, Erasmus+, Veli Lošinj 

Our bus departed from Népliget on Friday morning at 7:30 am, and we arrived in Zagreb at 1 pm, where we continued our journey with the Croatians to Veli Lošinj. Here we settled into our rooms and went to a nearby restaurant for dinner.  

On Saturday, our day started at 8:30 am, and we spent the first official day playing ice-breaker games. After lunch, we went down to the beach and swam in the sea, and then in the evening, we sat on a nearby pier.  

On the next day, the Hungarian workshops began, and we learned a lot of new information about obesity.  

On Monday, the Croatian workshops ended, and we participated in many creative tasks.  

On Tuesday, it was the last day of the workshops, and the remaining presentations were mixed, Hungarian and Croatians aswell. and in the evening, we took advantage of our free time and explored Veli Lošinj.  

On Wednesday, we spent the whole day exploring Mali Lošinj, walking for an hour on the way there and coming back by local bus in 10 minutes. The weather was beautiful almost every day, so we really experienced the Croatian spring.  

On Thursday morning and afternoon, we filmed and edited educational videos on the topic we chose regarding obesity. In the afternoon, we decided to go to Mali Lošinj again, this time by bus. We walked for a few hours and then walked back for dinner. We later attended a closing party with the Croatians.  

On Friday, as a farewell, we watched the videos we made the day before and played some games together. Then we spent our last free time sunbathing on the balcony of our accommodation.  

Overall, I really enjoyed our time in Croatia, and I feel much more informed and confident about discussing obesity and handling life situations regarding it. It was a wonderful experience, and I hope to have the opportunity to participate in something similar again. 

Kádár Fanni


And the leaders….

Get Over Obesity – Veli Losinj 

20 Hungarian students and two techers and 20 Croatian students and two teachers took part in the Get Over Obesity Youth Exchange. The venue was the beautiful Veli Losinj Youth Hostel. During the programme, the students held workshop sessions, six in total for the Hungarian students. The students were involved in the programmes, the themes were close to their hearts. There was a very good balance between free time and work. We were part of an excellently organised and executed student exchange programme. The personality and preparation of Marko, the Youth leader, was excellent and the students liked him very much.   

The students were accommodated in nationally mixed rooms, which also helped in networking.  

During free time we explored the fishing village and the surrounding area.



In early April 2023 we spent a week on the beautiful island of Veli Losinj with 20 Hungarian and 20 Croatian students. We travelled by bus and train, one day each way. The majority of the programme consisted of workshops that we prepared in advance with the students, using a variety of methods to explore the medical, personal, social, family and media-mediated causes and drivers of obesity from different perspectives.  

In the afternoons, we went on excursions, walked to the next town, the beautiful Mali Losinj, or chatted on the beach. 

Every evening we had end-of-day talks, where we also got to know each other better. 

Many of us became very close friends with the Croatians, and played sports and went on excursions together in the afternoons.  

The project leader Marko did his best to make us feel great. 

On the way home we even visited Zagreb.  

We had a wonderful week in the small fishing town by the sea.  Orsi


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