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2013. augusztus 6.

Comenius – Short Movie – Stills!!!

Here is a gallery of stills shot in, during, of and about the Comenius - Short Movie project. This was a two year, 8 sided cultural exchange project. Particiapnts were from the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Turkey.

2013. augusztus 2.

Comenius – Short Movies reports

Reports by students and teachers on the Comenius - Short Movies program. This was a 2 year 8 country project in which over 30 Poli students had the chance to travel abroad for short term exchanges, living with local families and even better yet, they had the opportunity to host 30 foreign students who visited Poli.

2013. június 28.

Comenius Short Movie Turkey Meeting

Comenius Short Movie meeting in Gerze, Turkey. Amazing time, amazing place, amazing hosts, Cannot be beat. Take a look for some of the details

2013. május 15.

Comenius Short Movies – From the Point of View of Young Europeans

Short Movies - From the Point of View of Young Europeans, The Final Meeting

2023. február 14.

Recognize Preconceptions in Movies 2. – group mobility

Aänekoski, Finland - 30 January - 3 February, 2023

2022. november 12.

Recognize Preconceptions in Movies – Nuremberg from the students point of view

Digital project on working with films and persons preconceptions of what they know, think they know about a given topic....

2022. szeptember 21.

Recognize Preconceptions In Movies – call for application

Sophie Scholl - the Final Days, Cabin Number 6, Moonlight, just a few movies that will be watched in this project dealing with the preconceptions we have about various groups, situations, etc. How are these shown in the movies? Accurate or not?

2011. október 20.

Comenius – Short Films, 2 Year International Exchange Project

Comenius project a Közgazdasági Politechnikum Gimnázium és Szakközépiskola szervezésében

2023. május 20.

DBUD – the continuation of a great friendship

If you let them, young people will carry out great deeds. You just have to provide the circumstances, a bit of knowlede, acceptance and iwllingness to work with them.

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