Csiga Biga’s group

2010. november 30.

My School, My City II

Your homework isÉ 1. to add more bubbles to the My School bubble! Due date Dec 01, 2010, 8 am. 2 . I will add this later tonight, keep coming back for more info!…

2010. november 23.

My School, My City

Hi, did you design a prezi or write a composition?   There are several parts to this *project*.   Steps: Send me your email address. Even the Haribos, I need to add them to a special list.  robi@poli.hu Go here create a an account if you do not…

2010. november 11.

The Trip

You have asked me questions about my trip to Mongolia and China.   I have asnwered them.   Now write a composition about the trip and include your opinions too!   Due Date: Monday November 15, 8 am!   Send to robi@poli.hu…

2010. október 27.

mit.edu assignment

Seems like there could be a problem with the assignment.   Go to mit.edu   go to open courses   pick any course there, look at many, browse/surf and choose one you like. Why do you like it? What is nice about it?   also, if you keep your eyes…

2010. október 26.

Write a Film Review and More

Home work for the break! There are many, many ways to improve your English. Watching movies is a great way. Pick a film, any English language film you like! It must be in English originally. 1) Watch the…

2010. október 5.

fudge is definitely not fugly

  well, all things, ok, not all things, just a few things FUDGE and not things fugly….. I would not want to let a good change to pooted with the putzes who pooted better than me so I decided to put this homework up here. Basically the homework is to…

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