Sinu mõju

2016. november 17.

Estonia (no.5)

Almost a year ago I applied for a project about the refugees. First the competition wasn’t succesful, and we couldn’t travel to Estonia. But later we get the competition and we could travel. We flew to Estonia, and traveled with bust to the housing. The house was a big and…

2016. november 17.

Estonia (no.4)

We were participating in an Erasmus+ project called Sinu Mőju – International which means “your influence – International”. Our main theme was migrants and refugees, advocacy, methods of influence. We spent there seven full days and all of it was a little different than the other. Christina and Jelena –…

2016. november 17.

Estonia (no.3)

In October, 2016 the long awaited Sinu Mőju project began. Students from three different countries have participated in it: Greeks, Hungarians and Estonians (hosts of the project). We worked on topics such as migrants/refugees – what are the differences?, methods of influence, and the power of advocacy. The project in…

2016. november 17.

Estonia (no.2)

This October, I participated in an Erasmus+ project called Sinu Möju and it was about advocacy and the immigrant and refugee crisis. It was organized by an Estonian group and they invited a Hungarian and a Greek group. The meeting was in a small village, in the Estonian countryside. We…

2016. november 17.

Estonia (no.1)

I was really excited for our estonian trip in Oktober, because the theme of the project really interested me, and I think refugee crisis, advocacy and tolerance are all very important topics to talk about. We spent 9 days in an old castle in Estonia along with 6 greek, and…

2016. szeptember 28.

APV – Advance Planning Visit 2016. 09. 03. – 09. 05.

We are going to take part of the "sinu mõju – International” youth exchange and – as usual – before the exchange we had an advance planning visit in Tallinn.

2016. szeptember 16.


One teacher in the role of Youth Leader and one student in the rol of Student Leader, namely Robert Dawson and Vercsernyés Veronika respectively, had the pleasure of spending the weekend at the Erasmus+ APV for the upcoming Youth Exchange project: Sinu möju - International

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