A keresés eredménye

2013. június 28.

Mi büszkék vagyunk rájuk, legyetek ti is büszkék!

Mi büszkék vagyunk rájuk, legyetek ti is büszkék!

2011. szeptember 7.

Student Exchange Project

Student Exchange Comenius Project (nemzetközi diák csereprogram)

2016. november 17.

Estonia (no.5)

Almost a year ago I applied for a project about the refugees. First the competition wasn’t succesful, and we couldn’t travel to Estonia. But later we get the competition and we could travel. We flew to Estonia, and traveled with bust to the housing. The house was a big and…

2013. november 20.

The Last few weeks

We are now selecting the songs and and İ’ve already found the members for the band fortunately. Our music teacher will play the flute, and İ also found a drummer and a guitar player. Laura and Yağmur (a girl who came to Hungary 2 years ago with Comenius, by the way…) will sing. There is also a guy from the 10th grade who can rap, so we consider that as well

2013. november 11.

The busiest week ever

Tomorrow we reach a big milestone as the half of our trip went by. I’m really excited about our tour to Ankara starts with Sunday, it’s going to be fun! I love it here, that there’s always something to wait for. And of course I’ll keep you posted! As usual, here’s this week’s useful phrase which I learnt: Ben açım. (I’m hungry.)

2010. október 26.

Write a Film Review and More

Home work for the break! There are many, many ways to improve your English. Watching movies is a great way. Pick a film, any English language film you like! It must be in English originally. 1) Watch the…

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