Anjou projekt – Metkovic, Horvátország

2023. március 19-25.

Trieb Bence

We had fun in Croatia.  Basically we got along well with everybody, we could talk with them without any fear of getting bullied or rejected or being emberassed. We felt free and welcomed. The programmes were fine we saw a lot of beautiful views of the neighborhood cities and the forests. The view of the sea was marvelous we could spend a lot of minutes/hours just chilling and watching it. We liked the Museum, we left a lot of origami butterflies made from the flyers. They taught us a lot in their language and we made a lot of jokes about that together. 


Cseh Péter

We had a pretty long journey to get to Croatia, Metkovič, but at the end it was worth it. It was one of the greatest Erasmus trips that I have had until now.  

We saw a ton of beautiful, historical structures while we visited Zadar, Dubrovnik and Mostar. What I enjoyed the most during the week Mostar, because of the colourful historic buildings which have shown us the up and downsides of two nations living together. 

The other part of being in a project like this is keeping international relations. I had some long talks with both Croatian and the Italian kids and it amazed me that how can people be so different and the same by the moment.  

At the end, I have learned a lot about bouth the Angevins and the people there. I am still in touch with some of them and I am glad that I had te opportunity to be there and to be with them! 


Tolnai Marcell

We departed from Budapest for the long journey to Metkovic. The bus ride was more than twelve hours. Approximately two hours away from our destination we met the Italian, Polish and French students at the bus station.  
The first day we spent in Metkovic discovering the village and learning about its history and culture. During the week we visited many cities in Croatia. We’ve been to Dubrovnik, Zadar and even a little Bosnia, Mostar. I think it’s wonderful that we had the chance to visit these amazing places, to learn about their history, to have a professional talk, and teach us. In the evenings we got along well with the Croatian students. We played cards, billiard, or just chatted. We became good friends with both the host students, and the Italians.  

I’m eternally grateful for this experience.  

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