CIVIC EDUCATION – Belga-finn fogadás

2023. október 23-27.

This was my first time attending in an Erasmus program. As for me the whole week was so contentful and full of enjoyable moments. I was really happy that we hosted first so we are still having the exciting part left.  

Throughout the week we attended in numerous programs together related to the topic of the political situation in Europe and also sightseeing activities. My personal favourite program was the Memento Park. We learned a lot about the how symbols and the sculptures of communism influenced the people.  

I enjoyed the ‘Defend your Dictator’ game a lot because we got close not just to our Finish pairs but also to the Belgians. The game itself was a bit chaotic but we really had to open up and share our ideas to collaborate. I can’t wait to see them again. 

Bernáth Anna Róza

It was my first Erasmus, so it was a big experience. I also learned a lot of things about the EU and dictatorships. And it was a really good possibility to practice my English, I really enjoyed this part. It wasn’t easy to figure out what my guest wants and create programs what everybody will enjoy. Unfortunately, my guest wasn’t feeling herself healthy and because of that this week didn’t really turn out how I imagined. Because of the illness we missed a lot of things, which I am sorry for but on the other hand we and my guest could have a big talk at home. I was so happy meeting these people from different countries and do things together! All in all, I really enjoyed this project and I had a great time, I met and talked to a lot of people, and I can’t wait the travel part!  

Dévényi Piroska

This was my first Erasmus, and to be honest it was nothing I expected. I was having so much fun, and I made so many new friends. I learned new things about the EU parliament and democracy. I was a tourist in my own city. There were amazingly arranged programs, and in the afternoon, we made our own plans. We went on a boat trip on the Danube, discovered little hidden places in Budapest, and we were just enjoying each other’s company. Since the day they left there hasn’t been a day that I didn’t speak to one of them. I think I made some really strong bonds, and great friends. I am looking forward to meet them again in Finland.  

Favrettó Lilla

This was the first Erasmus I took part in. I really enjoyed meeting people from another county, culture and I feel like spending time with them made me become more opened for unknown things. Hosting someone, was a big challenge for me, but I was really surprised how close we got in a couple days just by living in the same household. I really enjoyed the games we played and the project we were doing throughout the week. We looked at important topics that we don’t necessarily talk about in everyday life. I am very glad that I got in and that I was able to take part, I can help and participate with this experience on my next Erasmus. I am really looking forward to our trip to Brussels in March. We still talk with the girl I was hosting, Nikita. We are both really excited and can’t wait to see each other again in three months. I have never taken apart in such an interesting project, I met lots of new people and, I’ve learned a lot and I feel like I am more educated about democracy and such.

Gerendai Anna

This being my first Erasmus experience, I found it was both exciting and essential to open my curiosity to exploration, and a great way to improve my knowledge about the world while learning how to apply my English in the real world. 

My first-time hosting was an incredibly enriching experience to feel the responsibility and joy of showing our country and culture to an outsider while helping them learn about our history. 

The program included a wide variety of activities and events that helped us to connect with one another and to better understand the Hungarian and Finnish cultures. 

Throughout the program, we organized cultural presentations of our schools, learned about the vast history of our Hungarian ancestors, visited the only children operated railway in Europe and learned about democracy in the European Union. 

One of my highlights of the program was the opportunity to explore historical sites such as Buda Castle, the Hungarian Parliament, the House of Terror Museum and the Hospital in the Rock. 

Visiting the Memento Park and reliving the past was a truly an awe-inspiring experience, including the feeling of how it felt being under communist rule and learning its journey towards democracy, was a valuable lesson for me. 

Gervai Bálint

My week in the Erasmus project in Budapest was a captivating blend of intellectual stimulation and cultural immersion, with participants from Finland and Belgium. Themed around democracy, the engaging workshops deepened our understanding of politics. 

Beyond the academic focus, exploring Budapest with newfound friends turned routine sightseeing into shared adventures, creating lasting memories. We also sampled traditional Hungarian dishes, deepening our cultural experience. 

The Erasmus project seamlessly combined academic exploration, cultural immersion, and personal connections. I consider myself fortunate to have been paired with an excellent youth exchange partner, and our shared love for music led us to explore numerous music stores together. 

This week became an unforgettable chapter in my life, fostering a profound appreciation for diversity, friendship, and the enriching tapestry of cross-cultural exchange. 

Havas-Kállay Anna

This was my first time participating in an Erasmus program and it wasn’t exactly how I imagined it.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and I’m so glad I had the chance to get to know all these kind people. Not just my partner, but I think everyone was very open-minded, smart and it was good to have conversations with them.  

Through these five days I became aware of many things about the history my country and my home city that I haven’t known before. That’s also a reason why I’m so grateful for this program. I had the chance to explore Budapest a bit more and share my knowledge of it with someone else who has never been here before. I became much more informed about democracy and dictatorship, and I also learned a lot about the EU. 

I’m very sad that I couldn’t do everything that was expected from me, and I will try way better in the next Erasmus. And even though I’m not close to being satisfied with my work, my partner said she enjoyed her time here and she will definitely come back, so at least she left happily. 

Herczeg Fanni

I was really excited to host Line, a Belgian girl, and i loved the week when the Belgians came to Hungary. On Sunday we had a big dinner with all of the guys from the Erasmus because there was a Finnish Erasmus going on at the same time, so we all started to get to know each other.  
Throughout the week, we went to the Hungarian parliament, Buda castle, Basilica. We visited the Gellért Bath, the children’s railway and the Sziklakórház and lots of other places. There were times when we were just walking in the city, and that was a really great way to spend our time. 

I really enjoyed the stay of the Belgians and had a great time with Line!! I’m really looking forward to March, when the Hungarians get to visit Bruges! 

Horváth Réka

I was part of the Belgian/Finish Erasmus. This was my first Erasmus project ever and I really enjoyed it. In the week that they were here we did a lot on things including going to Normafa, learning about the EU parliament, going all around the city and trying lots of Hungarian food. The programs were organized well, and we got to learn a lot about the EU parliament and just politics in general. I especially enjoyed the goosechase and getting to know the exchange students. I think the student pairings were perfect my girl was very sweat, kind and respectful. Also, the Belgian team was very nice in general. I also really liked that we got to have a good amount of free time, because it made for some great experiences. I am very excited to continue learning about the EU parliament and going to visit Belgium. 

Kopác Karolina Nóra

This was my first Erasmus+ program and I was hosting a Belgian girl.  At first time I was really nervous, what we are going to talk about, and how to get on well with each other. Nonetheless I think we had a very good time, and we became good friends. Despite of this, the week was tiring and each day we literally fell into the bed. My English has improved a lot, now I can speak more easier than before that. Usually, we spent the days on events were organized by the school. In the afternoon we were doing sightseeing in smaller groups we decided were to go, what to visit. We have learned a lot about communism for example we were visiting the Cave hospital and the Memento Park. We could gain experience how was the life in that regime. 

All together I enjoyed a lot and I hardly wait for my trip to Brugge in the spring. 

Lambert Luca

In my point of view this Erasmus project gave some unforgettable memories, and some lifelong friendships. I think the topic was a lot more interesting to the foreign members of this project, because they haven’t experienced anything close to dictatorship in the last two hundred years. My partner was a little shy at the first and second day, but as soon as he has found that three- four other participants who he got along with, he clicked. I believe this was a cool experience for them and will be a lovely insight into the everyday of an “Advanced Western-European” country. 

Németh Barnabás

This Finnish Erasmus is my first Erasmus and I really enjoyed it and I hope I will enjoy our trip to Finland too, I am so excited about it. It was my first project, but I am already in love with it, it is so cool that you know someone in Finland or somewhere in Europe.      

It was only a week when they were here, but it seemed so much longer, I don’t deny I was really tired at the end of the week. But it was so good to meet new people from a different culture and a different country, we had a lot of fun together. I also found the language and behaviour of the Finnish people really interesting, and I think that is also a cool part of the project, getting to know the culture of another country.  

The topic of Erasmus is a really good topic and the programmes with the school were really good. I personally liked them, and I think my guest Oliver liked them too. But we did a lot of other programmes like sightseeing, concert, teahouse, basically we show them how we live in Budapest and what our habits are. Like I said, I am really excited about our trip, and I am really happy that I am in this project. 

Peer Zsombor

In Budapest, Hungary, our Erasmus project revolved around civic education and engaging for everyone involved. For starters we met at school and had an amazing dinner, where mostly because of the adrenalin everything went smoothly. Later as the programs continued, it was interesting to see people unfold and get to know them. We went to several interesting places such as the Gellert bath, or the Buda castle. As the week passed, I became closer with my guest. I really enjoyed sharing our experiences with each other and seeing how different, but similar our lives are. It was nice that we could form a stable group, and get to know not only our guests, but other Hungarians as well. In the end, I really enjoyed the experience, and gained a lot of knowledge during this project.

Pohly Tamara

First of all, thank you so much for this opportunity, as it was my first Erasmus, I had a great time. Throughout the week there were programmes I hadn’t done much of before. The short introduction on the first day was very good, which made working a bit easier afterwards. I think the external and internal programmes were both very good and spectacular, it was obvious how prepared we were for everything. I was very lucky because I got a guy that we got along with very quickly. Our afternoons were always spent in a good mood, we went to lots of places with our friends. I already knew a lot about 23 October, so I had a lot to tell my guest. I was sorry that it was a bit more difficult for them to communicate, but in the end, everything seemed to go well. 

Páva Samu

This was my first Erasmus project. I really liked the programs, there were places that were also new to me. I liked Memento and the Veranda restaurant the best. the Belgian team spoke and worked better (respect to the exception), but with the Finnish team we saw a lot more things in the city and formed much better friendships. I think it would have taken two more days for them to feel completely “at home”, but we still managed to introduce the city to them. 

I asked the others how this was compared to the previous projects, and everyone said that in the previous teams everyone spoke better, but in this team, they became much better friends. I’m really looking forward to going to Finland!! 

Rabb Tamás Miksa

I was looking forward to meeting the Finnish students and show them around Budapest. As my first Erasmus, this week was a new, but intriguing experience. I really enjoyed giving them insight into our country and its history. I also learnt a lot about the European Union and the structure of its politics, which I find very important. Being a so-called “tourist” in my own city made me realize how many great places are in Budapest and it was fascinating seeing it with a different point of view. The programs were engaging and fun as well. The Sziklakórház made a big impact on me, and I think it did to the non-Hungarians as well. The Finnish students were really kind and I had great fun spending the busy week with them. I can’t wait to meet them again in Finland. 

Roberti Maja Adele

That was the first Erasmus program of my life, but I hope, not the last one.  It was one of the best weeks of my life, I had so much fun, and I learnt a lot. We had presentations about the Finnish and Belgian education system, it was very interesting, to see how education works in these countries. 

I enjoyed the dictatorship games, we worked in groups. Sometimes it was hard to express ourselves in English, but after a time, we got used to it, and I feel that my English skills improved a lot, it was a useful practise.  

We went sightseeing a lot in Budapest, and we showed theme almost every important monument, building, museum etc. We went by the BKK boat, it was such a special moment, when it started to get dark, and the lights were glittered on the surface of the water.  

Also, my Finnish student tasted many Hungarian dishes, she liked Goulash soup, and pogácsa. I tried to convince her, to try out „túrórudi”, but it was to strange to her.  

To sum up with, these few days gave me so much happiness, and joy, I have so many memorable moments, what I will never forget, and I am so happy, that I have the possibility to travel with Erasmus.  

Rosta Eszter

This was my second time hosting a girl for week, and the experience was completely different in almost every way. During the week I tried to adopt to her habits but in the meantime, I wanted to show her mines as well, and I think it went well. 

We really enjoyed the programs, especially the ones outside the school. After the programs we always asked them what they would like to do, and we organised the afternoon. 

 My favourite part was that we took them to concerts, which we knew and to places where we often go in our free time, and they found our spots very interesting and amusing. We even went to a small Hungarian restaurant, and they have tried goulash soup and Erős Pista.  

Sometimes we had a rule, that we only speak English, and by the end of the week I was able to speak more fluently and faster. 

It was a busy week, but I had a great time hosting, and sightseeing in Budapest! 

Szaniszló Ágnes

This was my first Erasmus, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I was super excited and anxious at the same time. But to be honest, when I first met my guest, I got scared because her English wasn’t the best. But when the next afternoon came and a few of us decided to take our guests to Buda Castle, I calmed down. After that point, I enjoyed the programmes a lot. Throughout the week I got to learn and talk about a topic that I love and find important. Also, I found it interesting to see how differently the Belgian and Finnish people act, react in a situation compared to us, Hungarians and compared to each other. For me, one of the best parts about this Erasmus was that I got to know many new people from Belgium, Finland and even from Poli. 

Varga-Blaskó Léna

The Budapest Erasmus project with Finnish and Belgian students was an engaging exploration of democracy. Through lively discussions and joint projects, participants dove into the principles of democracy, enriched by the diverse views of their peers. Beyond the classroom, the immersive experience included connecting with Budapest’s cultural heritage, fostering stronger bonds among students. Careful planning by organizers ensured a smooth program, complemented by the city’s historical backdrop. Local experts and community involvement brought valuable insights to the democratic discussions. 

The project successfully combined intellectual exploration with solving real-world problems, showcasing the collaboration among participants. Budapest, with its rich history, enhanced the overall learning experience. As a result, the project not only deepened participants’ understanding of democracy but also created lasting global connections. The Budapest Erasmus project demonstrated the program’s ability to cultivate a generation ready to navigate the complexities of a democratic world. 

Vámos Nóra

This was my second Erasmus experience. Prior to this, I participated in a CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) themed Erasmus. The topic of civic education was particularly exciting for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that all the Belgians were proficient in English, and most of them, including my guest, were open-minded. For me, the dictator game and the after-school programs were the highlights. I enjoyed playing the role of a tourist guide. However, the most tedious part was during school sessions when there were presentations and games about the European Union. Perhaps the most challenging aspect was the large group size; there were too many participants, including the Finnish group, totaling around 40 people. As a result, we consistently had to split into smaller groups. Unfortunately, due to this division, I never really got to know the Finns well.” 

Weiner Dániel

I really enjoyed the Erasmus, I had a wonderful week. It was great to meet new people, I made a lot of friends. The programs were interesting and educational. I really enjoyed our weekly big project, making our own dictator. It was great to explore Budapest again and better with our foreign friends. We were able to learn more about the European Union and democracy. Among the programs, I liked the museum of the cave hospital the most, it was very interesting. I am very glad that I applied for this Erasmus.  

Nagy-Hunya Márton János

The project week with the topic of civic education was organized by the Hungarian team and took place from October 23rd to 27th, 2023, with participants from Belgium and Finland. The main focus was to illustrate the dangers of dictatorial solutions and responses to situations, highlighting how a dictator can emerge easily and almost imperceptibly. The aim was to underscore the importance of voting for democracy, being active as citizens, and preserving democratic and European values.

During the week, we, as the organizers provided information through presentations on the history of Hungary and the institutions of the European Union. Participants also had the opportunity to visit significant and interesting sites from the recent past, such as Memento Park and the Sziklakórház (Hospital in the Rock – Nuclear Bunker Museum). The team arranged various outdoor activities, including traveling on the Children’s Railway, playing War of Numbers, and sightseeing with the help of the GooseChase app. The program featured a variety of activities, including energizers and name games, to foster better mutual understanding among participants.

The tasks were crafted to unleash the participants’ creativity, (such as designing an electoral campaign for a dictator.) By collaborating with peers from diverse backgrounds, participants learned to adapt their knowledge on political issues and explore common threads connecting their views on their responsibility as active participants in the European community. Additionally, the designers of the board game Histheory presented their game, illustrating the consequences of a specific problem and showcasing various problem-solving methods, thereby creating possible futures.

This was the first opportunity for most of the students to participate in an international and Erasmus+ program. I believe it was a positive and valuable experience for most of them, although it was a bit overcrowded and tiring, especially for those who didn’t speak English very well or were not highly interested in the topic. The students from Poli were active throughout the week. They organized various free-time activities and were enthusiastic about showing everything that might be interesting for the visitors.

Kelemen Hajna

We were lucky enough to host our Finnish and Belgian partners during a week when we organized the Civic Education project. We created a diverse and vibrant learning environment.  The goal was to deepen the students’ understanding of civic responsibility, community engagement, and the role of individuals in shaping society.

The students dealt with many interesting topics:

We visited the suburb and downtown with the Goosechase online app. 

We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of EU partnership. We listened to EPAS (European Parliament Ambassador School) representatives during interactive presentation. 

We listened to an interactive presentation in the EU office in Budapest.

The impact of the Erasmus exchange program was evident in the personal and academic growth of our students. Friendships were formed, and a heightened sense of civic responsibility emerged. The feedback from both local and Erasmus participants was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the program’s success in achieving

Oláhné Nádasdi Zsuzsa


We hosted Finnish and Belgian students within the Erasmus program, who, together with Poli students, participated in interactive tasks and explored Hungary’s history at exciting locations. We visited the Memento Park and the Rock Hospital, where these places, with their unique atmospheres, revealed the challenges of history. We also toured the Budapest EU Center, where students discussed the advantages and challenges of the European Union through an interactive conversation. During the week, students independently discovered the city using the GooseChase app, where they had to find predetermined locations and points of interest. Throughout the program, students formed excellent connections with each other and their host students. Within the school building, several interactive programs took place. On the first evening, our students welcomed arrivals with a shared pizza night. They got closer to the week’s theme through group board games. On the last day, tasks prepared in a playful way were presented. Through the assignment, they had to create a poster, a speech, and an interview. We witnessed very creative and funny presentations on the final day.

Ottinger Viola

When I’ve first seen the topic of this Erasmus program, I thought that many of us – teachers and participants – have some knowledge about it (ideas, opinions). The civic education is a very important topic that we can talk a lot about. Democracy, European citizenship are such fundamental terms in our everyday life. During the week, we had the opportunity to experience a new way of thinking about dictatorship and the democratic systems. The “Defend your dictator” cooperative game have shown us that it is not an easy way to reach democratic institutions from a disastrous situation. Additionally, we had a lot of other programs about Budapest. The most important thing in this week was that we were able to know the Finnish and the Belgian culture and their thoughts about these topics. It’s true that we use these terms but our reflexions, opinions are never the same.

Német Zalán

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