My mobility in Copenhagen

I was incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to go to Copenhagen and participate in an Erasmus+ project, which my school provided me. I had a chance to spend one month there from mid-September to mid-October, and also to visit the city and the school in advance in the summer, which helped me have an idea how it is going to be there.

I was living with two families, I spent two weeks with both. I could really see into their lives and see how actually Danish people live, which I would not be able to experience if I was a tourist. And I must mention that they made me feel that I am a member of the family, which was a lot of help in a situation like this.

My school was located very close to central Copenhagen, just a few metro stops away. The school was built very modern, I suppose I have never seen any building like that before, and there teaching methods were also quite different than what we have in Hungary. It was truly fortunate that my class which I participated in temporarily, was an English-speaking class. So, we had a few modules in English, for example social studies and history. But we had regular English class and P.E. as well, and I had Spanish because I have already learnt that in Hungary. Besides that, I had design class which was the only Danish speaking class in my whole timetable. At the school I learnt about Danish politics and welfare system a lot and, I have learnt how to design a chair and make a maquette of it. We even went to a team building class trip while I was there to an island close to Copenhagen, so I had a chance to really get to know everybody.

Outside of school, in my free time, I spent a lot of time alone as well, so I wanted to spend it with very meaningful and adventurous memories. I visited museums and exhibitions, and I walked around the city all day long, because I wanted to explore every district of it. I tried multiple nice cafés, and in September when the weather was still warm, I swam in the ocean almost every day, because in Copenhagen you are able the bathe right in the city center in the canals. And my favorite thing was, that I could go everywhere by bicycle (because one of the teachers from the school lent me one for a month) like native Danish people do, and I was fascinated by the wide and safe bike lanes and of course the traffic that bikers cause was just a real culture shock to a Hungarian.

All in all, I had the best time in my life, and I loved every minute of it, even when there were hard moments.

Csoboth Zsófia

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