Edina’s Group

2010. december 1.

this is us

2010. november 30.

Christmas and Advent project, the next phase

Your Bubbl.us on Budapest and on POli are quite good.   Your writings about Advent and Hanuka are interesting. You need to add photos to it!   1. Add a photo of ;you next to your name in the google doc on Advent. If you have…

2010. november 29.


What do you do for Advent in your family?   Go to the google doc we started on Christmas. Find your name, fix it if I have not used the Hungarian characters. Write about Advent in the Advent box   Due date tomorrow, Tuesday November 30, 2010 at…

2010. november 18.

mind map

clicky here…

2010. november 18.

The Spirit of Saint Nicholas III

There is a new google doc for you to write your Poli composition on.   Edina said you want to do it together. That is ok with me for now. That is why I created the goolge doc.   the link is   https://docs1.google.com/document/d/11zurXi-9MuTUUWTIlt3pL1SB82Dx41OahpogRcfod_8/edit?authkey=CJCb69UD#   Go there and write…

2010. november 17.

The Spirit of Saint Nicholas II

  The following assignments will be done this week and next week. finish the Christmas mind map. – Dead line – Friday I want to you add you ideas/words to MY mind map. This way we will have only one…

2010. november 16.

The Spirit of Saint Nicholas

You will be working on an international Christmas project soon. You will have to create videos, take pictures, write stories, do prezis, etc. etc. etc. about Christmas in your town, school, home. So far there are partners from Slovakia, Finland, the Netherlands, Iceland, Italy and Cyprus. The first step is…

2010. november 11.

The Trip

You have asked me questions about my trip to Mongolia and China.   I have asnwered them.   Now write a composition about the trip and include your opinions too!   Due Date: Monday November 15, 8 am!   Send to robi@poli.hu…

2010. október 26.

Write a Film Review and More

Home work for the break! There are many, many ways to improve your English. Watching movies is a great way. Pick a film, any English language film you like! It must be in English originally. 1) Watch the…

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