Angol verseny

English Competition – Have Fun and Win Cool Prizes!

March 9th


2.45 pm

Great atmosphere, fun tasks, fantastic prizes!


Sign up

in groups of 3 or 4

by 4th March

at Fekete Ádám (MrBlack)’s desk


If you solve the quiz below, you will get extra points at the competition!

Or if you don’t want to enter the competition itself, you can still hand in the solution to Fekete Ádám (MrBlack) by 4th March, because the top 3 contestants win a prize!




1.      Is the word ’beureocracy’ spelt correctly?

A I don’t know

B Yes

C It’s the Australian spelling

D No (if not, write the correct spelling)

2. What is Ben Nevis?

A It’s the highest mountain in Scotland

B It’s the highest mountain in the UK

C Both

D Neither

3. How many stars are there in the flag of Australia?

A 4

B 5

C 6

D 7

4. Which university is older, Oxford or Cambridge?

A Oxford

B Cambridge

5. What nationality was the poet Dylan Thomas?

A English

B Irish

C Scottish

D Welsh

6. In which part of the UK is Haggis a national speciality?

A England

B Northern Ireland

C Scotland

D Wales

7. What does the expression ’on cloud nine’ mean?

A Very happy

B Sad, depressed

C Learning to be a pilot

D Pregnant with her ninth child


8. Who said ’My kingdom for a horse’?

9. Which English sentence can you unscramble from these letter?


10.   a) Whose original name is Gordon Sumner?

b) What was his original occupation?

11. Which two families fought ’The War of the Roses’ in the 15th century?

A Tudor and Lancaster

B Tudor and Stuart

C York and Lancaster

D York and Stuart

12. Who was the second man on the moon?

13. What does the proverb ’The early bird catches the worm’ mean?

14.Which language does the word ’mammoth’ come from?

A Finnish

B Inuit

C Russian

D Polish

15. Which state is the home of the first (and original) Disneyland?

A Texas

B New York

C California

D Washington

16. Which is Irish, ’whisky’ or ’whiskey’?

17. What is a ’palindrome’?

18. Which is the odd word out, and why?

moose – deer – sheep – horse

19. Who or what is a ’couch potato’?

20. List five words ending with –ine.

+1. What is your favourite English word?



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