The Last few weeks

The Last few weeks

Last week, we started organize our final, good bye-concert/show/night, whatever; so now it feels like we have only a few more days left. Of course it isn’t true, but it’s kind of a weird feeling. We will play some Hungarian and Turkish music there with a band organized and arranged by me so it is my big challenge for these days. We are now selecting the songs and and İ’ve already found the members for the band fortunately. Our music teacher will play the flute, and İ also found a drummer and a guitar player. Laura and Yağmur (a girl who came to Hungary 2 years ago with Comenius, by the way…) will sing. There is also a guy from the 10th grade who can rap, so we consider that as well. A rap song about us and the whole trip from a Turkish view point could be really interesting. Above all this, we also will translate a Hungarian song, first to English and than to Turkish and Yağmur will sing it as well. We did not decided yet which one should it be. İ can’t wait for the first rehearsal!

Other than that, Laura and some girls from the school will dance some folk dances. İ don’t know much about it because my dancing talents are quit limited if you what İ mean, but İ am sure that will be entertaining too.

And if it wouldn’t be enough, we are working on a short-movie as well. We started to edit it today.

İ am excited about all this stuff, so İ kind of enjoy this period.

Sárdi Ádám, HaRibó

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Rob Dawson
2013. november 20. 09:18

You should get them to sing the Kodaly song Esti Dal.. the King Singers are actually pretty good http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2mIUKCaJwI there are other videos of them … they are English yet they can sing this with quite good pronunciation….

2013. november 20. 14:32

Actually we will perform this song half Turkish half Hungarian! 🙂

Rob Dawson
2013. november 20. 14:34

That’s all kinds of awesome!

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