Rob Dawson írásai

2021. július 17.

Stopped Bullies in their Tracks, Erasmus+ Project in Zagreb, Croatia

Great to be back on the road with students. Great to work with 3 new partners. Great to work in such a great Poli team, seriously good team! Great to work with such a pro project leader, cannot wait to work with him again!

2021. július 16.

Stop Bullying, Zagreb Croatia, Participant Reports

Poli students participated in an exceptional Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in Zagreb, Croatia from July 1-19. Check out the participants reports on it!

2021. június 16.

France + Erasmus Plus + Poli = Wicked Times this summer

Youth exchange in France  Join Italian and French students this summer for breakdance, recycling, book case building workshops and much more in the village of Radon in Normandy! The project will take place in a camping between 2 and…

2021. március 4.

Erasmus+ CHoC – needs you!

    For reasons beyond the control of the project we need some new members from grades 9ny, 9 and 10! We started this project last school year.  Then Covid slowed us down, but did not stop us. We are still working, though online only…

2020. november 13.

eTwinning – a new success story

Kiss the Frog was so successful that Purple Group was awarded the Hungarian nation eTw certification and therefore entitled to participate in the national competition in October, 2020. But wait, it gets even better. Not only did they participate, but they placed second in the high school category over all!

2020. október 2.

Újabb eTwinning siker

Újabb siker az eTwinningben. A Kiss the Frog c. projektünk elnyerte a Minősített eTwinning projekt címet.

2020. június 13.

Book it 20! an Amazing e-Twinning project

The Purple group from the Language year participated in an extremely exciting and fruitful eTw project called Book it 20. It was a project started by an Icelandic teacher to get students to read literature and discuss it with their peers from around Europe. I must say our students found…

2020. június 8.

Stop Bullying – ifjúsági csere Zágrábban – 2020

Stop Bullying - ifjúsági csere Zágrábban - 2020 iskolai erőszak, online zaklatás, mentális egészség, az etnikai és vallási kisebbségekkel és a menekültekkel kapcsolatos előítéletek és diszkrimináció - horvát, bolgár és észak-makedón partnerek

2020. május 30.

Stop Bullying, an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange!!!

Join us in an uber cool Erasmus+ youth exchange in Zagreb in July!

2020. február 24.

CHoC Goes to Catalonia, Student Take!

Taking a bunch of students on an international exchange in an Erasmus+ project is always a good idea. They stay with local families, experience life, learn from their peers. This is what Erasmus+ is all about, but read it for yourself in their own words!

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