Rob Dawson írásai

2020. február 24.

CHoC Goes to Catalonia, Student Take!

Taking a bunch of students on an international exchange in an Erasmus+ project is always a good idea. They stay with local families, experience life, learn from their peers. This is what Erasmus+ is all about, but read it for yourself in their own words!

2020. január 19.

CHoC Goes to Catalonia!

Incredibly educational for both students and teachers alike. The first exchange of students in CHoC was a smashing success.

2020. január 3.

ComServ is no more

The end has come. However, life goes on.

2019. december 7.

CHoC+Erasmus Plus on EU Day at Poli

Poli seventh graders raring at the bits to sign up for Erasmus+ projects after today's dissemination event!

2019. december 7.

2 Classes + Volunteers + Erasmus+ = Dissemination

Why to seventh graders? They are new comers to our school, have very little experience in community service and know net to nothing about Erasmus+. Four volunteers focused specifically on environmental  protection. Four other volunteers created an obstacle course and blindfolded half the group. .... continue for more details.

2019. november 24.

CHoC + Open House = Dissemenation

Open house is an annual event at Poli and it affords us the opportunity to speak about our Erasmus+ projects in detail to prospective students and their parents.

2019. november 20.

B.E.S.T Project in Derry

Edina, one of our project leaders tells it like it is and you will enjoy reading just how cool B.E.S.T. Project is!

2019. november 18.

B.E.S.T. Derry, NI – Participant Reports

Apply for an Erasmus+ grant, run an open call to youth participants, then take them to the project and this is what happens. Erasmus+ will change you, will change them, for ever!

2019. november 17.

Derry, Dear Dear Derry

Derry Girls is a good, quick intro into one of the greatest places I have ever been. The accents are spot on, but the town is oh, so much cooler than the show leads you to believe.

2019. november 1.

CHoC Kick-Off

A common goal, open-mindedness, willingness to work result in a top-notch project made even better with four hard days of work.

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