3 in 1 – Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges

Three new Youth Exchanges co-funded by the European Union in  one summer for you my dear Poliheads!

We got cooking, we got LGBTQ and anti-bullying, we got movement. We got the cure for whatever ails you. Take a look below and see which one(s) fits you and your timetable best, then apply. And do not forget, these are YEs, so, one offs. You prepare a bit, you go there, you work hard, have fun, make new friends learn tons, have more fun, come home, write a short report, done deal, no hosting involved.


Here are the details:

Let’s Cook in Nature

Where: Valsinni (MT) Italy

When: July 02-14

Who: Grades 9ny to 10

How many: 5

Partners: Italy, Poland, Spain, Ukraine

Leader: I. Dávid, to be announced

You will learn:

About food waste and how to fight it, about cooking healtch, local food, acting global – buy local, improve your culinary skills – which improves your autonomy and independence, and all kinds of cool stuff.

So, if you like to cook, like ultra cool places are intersted in saving the planet, sign up! Read a bit more if you are interested.


Building Bridges

Where: Hodos, Slovenia

When: July 26 – August 04

Who: Grades 9ny (as long as you are 16 by the time of the project) to 11

How many: 5

Partners: Croatia, Estonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia,

Leader: I. Dávid

You will learn:

How to be a volunteer using art and creativity to fight discrimination. As well as the importance of solidarity with and tolerance towards the downtrodden, and vulnerable groups.

This place and organization is so cool Dávid is a repeat leader for their projects. Gáti Emese loves it there too. For more info on the project and the place/organization check out this link.


Together in Motion

– 17 – 24 Augusztus

Where Pärnumaa, Estonia,

When: August 17 – 24

Who: Grades 9ny to 11

How many: 8

Partners: Bulgaria, Estonia, Palestine, Slovakia, Spain,

Leader: Lipták Orsi, Rob


You will learn:

The project will introduce young people to new sports and leisure activities to help them expand their interests and skills and give them the opportunity to express themselves and develop creativity through sports and leisure activities. For more details read this link!

Estonia is a great place, quiet, chill, pretty. Join this one if you want to be outdoors and have a good time.


Sign up for which ever ones you want to, here are the applications. And make sure to add all the info we ask for in the formate we ask you to. As the year is flying by, we need you to apply by noon, March 25!

Let’s Cook in Nature

Building Bridges

Together in Motion

EDITED to add:

We made a slight change to the Slovenian project, Building Bridges. 9ny-ers can join if they are 16 by the time of the project…….

There is also a change to Let’s Cook in Nature, namely, Irmalós Dávid will not be the leader. As soon as we know the new leader, we will let you know.

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