Erasmus+ with Belgium and Finland Belgium? Finland? Erasmus+!!!!!!

Erasmus+ with Belgium and Finland

Belgium? Finland? Erasmus+!!!!!!

Erasmus+ is off to a banging start this year. If you are in grades 9ny (2008 is the minimum age) 9 your 10 you can apply for a cool project with partners from Äänekoski, Finland and Bruges, Belgium. Two wicked towns. I know, I know, both towns seem so cool that you cannot decide which one you would want to visit more.

Well, Äänekoski will be January 28 to Feb 3, 2024. So, nice, and wintery. If you are lucky, you will see the northern lights. Bruges will be later, so March 3-9, 2024. And the Budapest meeting will be October 22 to 28, 2023.

The coolest part is you will get to host a participant from one of the partner schools and then go stay there with them. It will be really fun and lots of great work.

So, now that you know the whos and the whens, you need to know the whats…. Civic Education is the topic of choice. For example, in Äänekoski you will do more work on how democracy focusing on social media and politics, politicians, life in the public eye, politics and personal branding, Women/equality in politics (video).

While in Bruges you will meet European Members of Parliament! The Belgians can vote in the EMP elections next spring from age 16. You will get to talk about that and visit the EU Parliament in Brussels amongst other things.   While here in Budapest, you will deal with 1956, and the period following it. How this has affected Hungarian society. How it is relevant to life in Hungary today. Possibility of a Huxit, EU elections, EU membership benefits

So, apply here by 8 am. 20 September, 2023

And JFYI the leaders are Hajna, O. Viola (for Belgium) Zalán, Zsuzsa (for Finland) and keep in mind Dear 10th graders – kisérettségi!!!!

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