Spanish-Hungarian Erasmus+ Project – Part 1


The Spanish group arrived late, around 11 pm. Excited to meet them, we chatted briefly on the way home. The next day, we started our program with ice-breaking games and a speech from Zsolt. We explored the city, had lunch, and did some shopping. That evening, we conversed before heading home. Tuesday began with a presentation on urban sustainability. We visited community projects and chose topics for our afternoon projects. We visited zero-waste shops and relaxed at Veli Bej. After dinner, we rested. Wednesday, we toured Szentendre, enjoyed lunch, and visited a shop. In the evening, we admired the Parliament lit up at night. Thursday featured a Jewish Quarter tour, a workshop on making lip balm, and volleyball. We spent the evening with project members. On Friday, we explored Heroes’ Square, went ice skating, and viewed sustainable buildings. After lunch, we presented projects and had a farewell party. Overall, the week was amazing. I’m grateful for the friendships formed and look forward to meeting again in May!

Szániel Marci


This was my first Erasmus project where I hosted someone, so I was a bit afraid, but I can tell the week we shared together was a lot of fun. We had the theme sustainability. I’m happy I got to know more about sustainability in the workshops because I think it’s a very interesting topic. In the mornings we had organized programs and they were all exciting. We ate lunch at the school every day except the day we went to Szentendre. When the programs ended in the afternoons, we had free time and we could show more from the city to the Spanish kids. The nights were also ours, so we spent as much time together as we could. The Spanish kids were so enthusiastic and happy we always had a great time with them. Overall it was a great week also tiring but worth every second. I’m greatful for this experience. Also, the teachers were amazing, thank you for everything.

Kocsis Bernadett


Our adventure kicked off on Sunday evening as we welcomed our host pairs at the airport, making a good first impression. We quickly bonded with our partners, spending the first day at school playing games and exploring the city. Day two began with a presentation on sustainability followed by a project exploring second-hand stores. We bonded with the Spanish group and enjoyed spa time. Lángos in Szentendre and nightlife in Budapest filled day three. Thursday featured a Jewish quarter tour and crafting lip balm and tea. Friday started at Városliget with ice skating and sightseeing, followed by project presentations and cooking. We had karaoke with the Spanish at a farewell party before heading to the airport early Saturday morning. We’ve stayed in touch and are excited for our visit to Spain in May.

Cseke Kolos


This was my second time hosting through Erasmus, so I had some experience. Our Spanish guests arrived late on Sunday, so we took it easy. On Monday, we did icebreaker games and toured the school, which impressed them. After lunch, we explored the city in groups and went shopping, ending with dinner at home. On Tuesday, I missed the morning due to a doctor’s appointment but joined after lunch. We started our project on healthy lifestyles, filming on Margaret Island. Then we relaxed at Veli Bej Turkish bath. Wednesday, we visited Szentendre for a tour and had lángos for lunch. In the evening, we explored monuments. Thursday began with a visit to the Jewish quarter and presentations at school, followed by volleyball. We spent the evening together. Our last day started with ice skating in Városliget and lunch at school. Each group presented their work. In the evening, we had karaoke, cooked paprikás krumpli, and had a house party. Overall, it was a great week with the Spanish group, and I’m looking forward to visiting them soon!

Kovács Kata


Hosting the Spanish group for the second time filled me with excitement. The first day was filled with energy as we played icebreaker games at Poliház and toured the school with our Spanish guests. Over lunch, we exchanged basic information before embarking on afternoon activities.The highlight was a thrilling “treasure hunting” game as we explored the city, enjoying Hungarian music and dances. After a fulfilling day, we relaxed at a café before heading home for dinner. Tuesday mornings were dedicated to eco-awareness activities, followed by a community garden visit and lunch back at Poli. In the afternoon, we worked on our project about secondhand shops, followed by dinner at home. Wednesday took us to Szentedre for dinner, indulging in lángos. Back home, we continued our project work and enjoyed each other’s company. Thursday began with a tour of Budapest’s Jewish Quarter and a workshop on making natural products. With our project video completed, we went shopping together. Our last day included ice skating and project presentations, ending with a karaoke and cooking party at school, where we savored traditional Hungarian cuisine.

Lakatos Nina


Prior to this Erasmus, I had been on two youth exchanges, but hosting someone was a first for me. Initially, I thought having guests for a week would be strange, but it turned out to be a fun experience. Our Spanish guests arrived late on Sunday, so after quick greetings, we all headed home to rest for the next day. The next day, we gave our Spanish guests a tour of the school, played ice-breaking games and embarked on a “treasure hunt” around the city. We split into groups and explored major sightseeing locations before ending the day with dinner together. On Tuesday, we listened to a presentation at Blaha Lujza Square, explored sustainable initiatives in the 7th district, and received our project task: creating videos on sustainability topics. We visited a community garden and enjoyed a Turkish bath in the evening. Wednesday took us to Szentendre, where I guided the group through the city’s main locations. We had lunch at a lángos restaurant and explored Pagony Café and plazas. Thursday involved a tour of Budapest’s Jewish Quarter, a workshop on homemade products and project work. Friday included ice skating at Városliget and project presentations. We closed the week with a farewell party, cooking traditional Hungarian dishes together. Overall, it was an amazing experience, strengthening friendships and creating new ones.

Csabai Zalán


Last week marked my first hosting experience, which turned out to be incredibly enjoyable. I shared my home with a delightful girl from Cuba, now residing in Spain. They arrived late on Sunday, and we retired early to prepare for the week ahead. The next morning, we played ice-breaking games at school and showcased our school to them, leaving them in awe. In the afternoon, we explored Budapest in groups, ending at Váci street for souvenir shopping. Later, we visited Fecske bar before collapsing into bed. Tuesday began with a presentation by the President of the Eco Cabinet, followed by a city tour focusing on eco-friendly initiatives. We split into groups for our project on sustainable shops in Budapest, visiting and interviewing shopkeepers. Later, we relaxed at Veli Bej Turkish bath. Wednesday took us to Szentendre, where we had lunch and continued our project work. In the evening, we visited Pagony café before a scenic walk. Thursday included a walk in the Jewish quarter and presentations on sustainability. In the evening, I hosted a gathering at my flat. Our last day started with ice skating in the City Park, followed by a presentation of our project work and cooking dinner together. Despite an early morning airport departure on Saturday, we managed to attend a closing house party. It was a great experience, and I look forward to visiting them in May.

Barabás Villő


Our week started with the arrival of our Spanish guests in Budapest on Sunday night. The next day, we had a packed schedule at school, including ice-breaking games and a tour for our guests. In the afternoon, we explored Budapest in smaller groups, enjoying sights like Fisherman’s Bastion and trying chimney cakes. We met up in the evening for shopping and smoothies before dinner and sleep. The following day, we attended a presentation in Blaha Lujza Square and toured the 7th district. Back at school, we focused on sustainability and started our project on thrift shops and vintage stores. Later, we relaxed at Veli Bej Turkish bath. Wednesday took us to Szentendre for sightseeing and lunch, followed by more project work back in Budapest. In the evening, we gathered at Heroes Square for photos and dinner before heading home. Thursday began with a visit to the Synagogue and a tour of the Jewish quarter. Back at school, we learned about Turkish baths and made natural cosmetics. Some of us played volleyball while others went shopping. We ended the day with dinner and a small gathering. Friday started with ice skating and exploring Városliget. Back at school, we presented our projects, cooked dinner, and enjoyed karaoke. We exchanged decorated tote bags before our final dinner together. We spent the evening at a friend’s house before preparing for an early morning airport departure. It was a fantastic and diverse week.

Habi Zsófi


Hosting for the first time was exhausting but enjoyable. We started with icebreaking games, then explored Budapest. The second day included a district sustainability presentation and project work. Wednesday took us to Szentendre and we ended the day at a bar near the parliament. Thursday began with a Jewish quarter tour and project work. On the last day, we went ice skating, presented our projects, had karaoke, and enjoyed dinner together. Despite the fatigue, it was a rewarding experience, and I look forward to visiting Alcoy.Az űrlap teteje

 Wächter Sári


Our week began with a late Sunday arrival from Alicante, followed by a rushed Monday morning to Poli after minimal sleep. We kicked off with ice-breaking games and a school tour, followed by lunch showcasing Hungarian cuisine. In the afternoon, we explored Budapest in small groups, ending at Vörösmarty square for souvenir shopping.

Tuesday started with a visit to the 7th district to learn about sustainability efforts, then presentations on urban sustainability at Poli. We divided into groups to research and create presentations/videos on various sustainability topics. In the evening, we relaxed at Veli Bej Turkish bath.

Wednesday took us to the picturesque village of Szentendre for a tour and lángos for lunch. We worked on our presentations/videos in the afternoon and explored the city in the evening.

Thursday morning included a tour of the Jewish district and DIY lip balm making at Poli. After some volleyball and basketball, we had a get-together in the evening.

Friday brought ice skating at City Park, lunch at Poli, and presentations of our projects. We cooked paprikáskrumpli together, followed by a farewell party with music and karaoke.

Overall, it was an incredible week of making new friends, exploring Budapest, and learning about sustainability. I’m excited to visit Alcoy in the future!

Harmati Emma


This was my second time hosting guests, and I was thrilled. The Spanish group arrived late at the airport, so our first day started with settling in and resting. The next day, we began with ice-breaking games at Poliház, followed by a school tour and lunch. In the afternoon, we explored the city with a “treasure hunting” game, teaching them Hungarian music and dances. After a café break, we headed home for dinner. Tuesday morning, we focused on eco-awareness activities at Blaha Lujza Square, followed by lunch at Poli. In the afternoon, we formed groups and started our project on secondhand shops. We visited Humana for interviews and had dinner at home. Wednesday was my favorite, as we visited Szentendre for walks and lángos. In the afternoon, we continued our project work and hung out with others in the evening. Thursday included a guided visit to Budapest’s Jewish Quarter, followed by presentations and a workshop on natural products. After shopping, we spent time together. Our last day started with ice skating in Városliget, followed by lunch and project presentations at school. In the evening, we had a karaoke and cooking party, closing with a visit to the Parliament and a house party. Overall, it was a fantastic week, and I can’t wait to visit them soon!

Székely Hanna


It wasn’t my first Erasmus, but I eagerly anticipated it. I hosted a Spanish girl, her first trip abroad, and we connected well before the trip. Their late Sunday arrival meant a quiet evening. Monday began with ice-breaking games at Poli and a Budapest walk focusing on urban sustainability, ending in Váci street. We had a Hungarian dinner with my family. Tuesday, we visited the seventh District office, explored a community garden, and went to a Turkish bath. Wednesday took us to Szentendre for a tour, lunch, and project work on sustainability, visiting package-free shops and Pagony bookstore/café. We also walked to the Parliament. Thursday started in the Jewish district, followed by making tea and lip gloss at school. We finished our project and played games. Friday featured ice skating, project presentations, cooking, and karaoke. My favorite was Wednesday, feeling a strong bond within the group. Despite exhaustion, I had valuable experiences. Looking forward to May in Alcoy.

Sebestyén Fanni


Last week we realised the first part of the Spanish-Hungarian Erasmus mobility in Budapest with the project “Eco-citizenship: Promoting Sustainability in Cities and Schools”. We had a wonderful week full of activities, teamworks, visits, and workshops.

On Monday, after funny games in Poli, in groups we did an interactive treasure hunt with a sustainable approach in the centre of Budapest.

On Tuesday, we visited the Budapest City Hall where the Environment Department gave a presentation about the city’s environmental policy. Then we visited practical examples of urban ecology and organised group research on sustainability in Budapest.

On Wednesday, our team visited the town of Szentendre, where we experienced the contrast between rural life in Hungary and life in the big city. 

During the fourth day, and as a sign of sustainability of historical and cultural heritage, our Erasmus students made a guided tour of the Jewish quarter. 

A healthy lifestyle is also part of sustainability of cities. We had a workshop on the so-called green chemistry, which creates ecological and sustainable cosmetics, and we went to the Ice Ring, where hundreds of citizens of the city practice sport by skating on ice. 

Then we saw several examples of sustainable architecture with buildings whose cubes can be used by people for multiple purposes. 

On Friday afternoon, the Erasmus participants presented the sustainability projects they had worked on during the week and received their certificates of participation in this Erasmus mobility co-funded by the European Commission. 

Finally, we had a great farewell party with cooking local food with seasonal ingredient.

Thanks to the Spanish teachers, to all the participants and to our great colleagues from Poli for the excellent cooperation! See you in Spain in May!!!!

Lipták Orsi


This was my first Erasmus program I participated in. I feel very lucky to have been one of the sub-organizers of a sustainability-themed project. At the program starting on Monday, I got to know 12 young people from Alcoy and two of their teachers. The openness, interest and cooperation of the Spanish and Hungarian students was exemplary throughout the 5 days of the week. The goal was to get to know Budapest as a sustainable metropolis, and every day they got to know a different side of the relationship between metropolitan life and sustainability. We visited the Eco Cabinet of one of the downtown municipalities, whose employees outlined the district’s problems related to sustainability and showed the district’s initiatives (such as a community garden, composting…). We also visited several of the capital’s sustainable buildings on site. The students also worked in groups every day on their project tasks, which they chose for themselves on Tuesday (sustainable transport, sustainable shopping, sustainable lifestyle, sustainable hospitality) about which they made short films. The central theme of the week was sustainability, but there was also time to play sports, try a Turkish bath, have fun, and cook together. I think that this week gave many new experiences to all participants and both teachers and students became richer from it. Thank you for the opportunity!

We are very much looking forward to the May reunion in Alcoy.

Velényi Dóra

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