Comenius Individual Pupil Mobility

2013. november 11.

Bayram- as I saw it

Don’t spend more than 15 minutes at one family. Visit as many people as you can- the more the better. Always accept chocolate bonbons, no matter how much you had before. Also accept money, and lemon hand wash. Use the phrase “Iyi Bayramlar!” frequently.

2013. október 21.

Bayran, My Bayran

 My Bayram This week was a holiday here in Turkey. It is a Muslim holiday called ‘Bayram’. It basically means that people go back to their hometown and visit almost every single family member. However they also sacrifice some animals like cows and sheep, but it is pretty…

2013. október 21.

Update Number 5

And after Sacrifice Feast is over, I’m going to learn how to cook Turkish dishes from our mentor teacher! Last but not least, this week’s super useful Turkish sentence is: Yolları durumu nasıl? (What are the conditions on the roads?)

2013. október 16.

Wedding level: Very Turkish!

To sum up, it was an amazing experience I’m glad to have it!

2013. október 15.

Week by Week

We watched a football match and had some drinks. It was fine, his friend – who is a drummer by the way – was there again.

2013. október 15.

Update 4

Finally, I would like to make these updates more interactive, so I’ll post a useful Turkish phrase in the end from now on, which will make easier learning Turkish for me, and for you! So this week’s sentence (for Poli kids it’s super useful!): Tembellik ettiğim için beni afeder misiniz? (Will you forgive me for being lazy?)

2013. október 1.

Turkish Wedding, a Taste of What’s to Come

She was fortunate enough to attend a Turkish wedding. Here is a sample of what's to come.

2013. október 1.

I’m here again with the newest update!

In the afternoon it turned out, that we’re going to a wedding. It was a real Turkish wedding with everything you can imagine, like a man belly dancer, Turkish music, pool, glamour and so on! (And the soon-to-be husband was Jake Gyllenhaal!

2013. október 1.

On Wednesday and Thursday we went to the music studio finally!

On Wednesday and Thursday we went to the music studio finally! It is not that big, but it is perfect for me to practice a bit and maybe later on I will have the chance to jam with some Turkish musician nearby.

2013. szeptember 25.

My First Weekend

The landscpape was just stunning. Blew my mind away…The endless Black-sea...

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